Local Listings: What to Do When You Move Your Business

Local listings

Local listings are crucial to getting found among the local customers and growing sales organically. It helps you establish yourself as an authority among the competitors and let you stand apart from others. In case if you are moving your local business locations. Then it’s always recommended to update the information across all the touchpoints. To help you with the entire process. We have listed some important points that you can follow to make the process convenient for you.

Start with your website

In the hassle of moving the business from one place to another. Most people often forget to change the address and other important contact details on the website. This not only creates inconvenience for your customers but also reflects a bad reputation. To avoid happening this, make sure you update your contact page and footer of your site.

And, If you have mentioned your address in some images or videos on your site. You need to make sure you edit them on priority. This will make sure that your customers are able to reach you at the correct address and contact details.

If you are into some kind of product shipping business, then it becomes even more critical to change the shipping address to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Before you make the site changes live, it’s always a wise idea to cross-check all the changes.

Changes in Google My Business

The second most important touchpoint for your business is Google My Business. This tool acts like a free and trust-worthy listing platform for your business. While you move, don’t forget to update the information in GMB.

While you move, update the address and working days properly on Google My Business. Make sure you are not creating duplicate listings. This is a common mistake that most people make while they shift their local business. Cross-check your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) are correctly updated and visible on the front end.

And, if you don’t have a listing on GMB, you can hire a professional SEO company in India and they will help you in getting started with your updated listings. If you are listed on other listings, make sure you make the needful changes there also. Once you are done with the local listing changes, cross-check all the updates to ensure you are not missing out on anything.

Updating social media handles

After you successfully update your details on the website and local listings. It’s time to check and update social media platforms and listings. Be it your Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram profile, or any other platform, you have to confirm that all the platforms have the same address.

This small thing can do wonders for small businesses. And brings more local customers without doing any kind of paid marketing. More than 80% of the total Internet users are active on one or more social media platforms. And, when you have consistent details across all the touchpoints. There are high chances that customers may find you’re through the platform and visit your store.

If you have shifted internationally, then you need to do a little more research on their popular local platforms and create your presence there.

Time to check business emails

This is an underrated task and many people don’t even think of this. If you also use signatures on your professional email address, then you might need to update that signature as well. We often link our phone number, company address, social media addresses on the signature.

While you shift your local business, make sure your email signature has all the updated information. This is a small thing but brings a massive impact on the brand’s reputation. Email can also drive traffic to your local business and it’s always a smart move to update the signatures.

Along with this, if you are also doing email marketing, then open your email marketing tool and update your business information there also.

Other business directories

When it comes to local businesses, local directories play a winning role in the business. Apart from the website and Google My Business, there are several other directories where your business must be listed. It’s time to visit them all and update the information across all the directories to ensure your customers can reach you easily.

Be it business listings, local area shops listings, or any PR listing, it’s crucial to ensure that your new address is available on all the business touchpoints. To avoid a hassle in finding all the directories. The best thing to do is to maintain a simple document with all your listing information.

These were some important things to follow in the checklist when you move your local business from one place to another. You can also hire a good digital marketing company that can help you with a proper migration and also handles your local SEO.