Make your items stand out with custom pillow boxes

custom pillow boxes

Promotional customized pillow boxes designed with your company’s logo are ideal. From silk to canvas, all kinds of materials can be utilized to make them. There is no limit to the shapes you can create. You can choose to add your company’s logo or name to the box and add a variety of other custom details to promote your brand further. In addition, custom pillow boxes can be printed with your company’s name and logo to promote your business uniquely.

Manufactured from recyclable materials and are eco-friendly

If you’re looking for unique packaging for your goods, consider custom pillow boxes. You can also cut a window in your pillow box to increase sales. Alternatively, you can cut a PVC sheet and use it as a window.

It’s possible to get pillow boxes in any shape or size that you like.

The perfect shapes for a pillow box include long & rectangular, barrel, oblique-edged, and round. These shapes are ideal for gift-giving and are sturdy enough to hold the contents of the gift inside. A unique box will give your customers a unique memory of the event or the products and services you’re selling. They’re an excellent tool for promoting and publicizing your business.

Now it’s possible to design custom pillow boxes

Custom printed pillow boxes can also be designed to be a unique shape. You can add a coordinating ribbon representing your brand’s colors for additional design features. And if you’d like to make your gift box more visually appealing, consider adding window openings. These features allow customers to view the product without opening it. Then, they can decide whether or not to purchase the item.

Used for present giving and gift boxes

Custom pillow boxes can be used for gift-giving purposes and packaging gifts. They’re versatile and can be printed to look like a large-sized cylinder or a small square box. They’re a fantastic option for gift-giving. 

Create interest in your new products and services

Custom printed pillow boxes not only serve a practical purpose but they may also serve as an excellent marketing tool for your company. They can attract new customers and create interest in your latest products. Using beautiful packaging for a gift will also showcase your company’s branding. Your brand will be more readily recognized by customers, increasing the likelihood of a sale. And if they like what they see, they’ll be more likely to buy the product.

Promoting your product with pillow boxes

Custom pillow boxes are the ideal way to market your product. Custom printed pillow boxes will allow you to showcase your company logo or corporate image. You can even add a special addition to a kraft pillow box. A logo printed on custom pillows will improve your brand’s image and your products. The finishing options will enhance the look of your box and complement the inside product. And because you have the choice, custom pillow boxes can also serve as a promotional gift.

Boxes are not only useful but also stylish

Customized pillow boxes are an excellent way to promote your brand. They are not only convenient but look glamorous. In addition to being a convenient shipping option, they are an ideal packaging solution. If you have a company’s logo, it can be easily displayed on a custom pillow box. 

A few ideas for your unique pillow box

They can be made from Kraft paper or cardboard. There are many different options for printing and design, including graphics and logos. A few tips to keep in mind when creating your custom pillow box: Ensure that the box is sturdy, and always cut the paper or cardstock on the correct lines. Then, cut out the window apertures on the pillow box’s sides.

Pack your pillows in high-quality material boxes

Choose high-quality cardboard or Kraft packaging for your pillow packaging. These materials are natural, recyclable, and aesthetically pleasing. They are lightweight and strong. The final product is a great gift for friends and family. When considering the material and design of your custom-made pillow box, consider the following tips. Make sure the box has a window to encourage people to open it. The window should be made of a transparent PVC sheet.

CCNB liner board has a good print surface

CCNB liner board is the most durable and long-lasting option. This material provides a good surface for the print. This type of cardboard is durable and easily handles multiple products. If you’re buying customized pillow boxes wholesale, make sure to get the most out of this process. Most companies will ship them with a freight forwarder, but you can also do the shipping yourself. It’s a better option if you’re unsure of the shipping logistics.


There are several advantages to using pillow boxes wholesale as an advertising tool. Packaging choices that are both stylish and practical are available. As a gift box, they’re ideal for any occasion. Promoting your business and increasing sales is easy with these. Your loved one will appreciate the thought that went into making a thoughtful present just for them, one that they will cherish forever. In addition, the box can be customized as a present for friends and family members. Customizing these bakery boxes for your consumers is a breeze.