MES Tenders Online – Get Regular Tender Notifications

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Like any other tendering segment in the market, the prominence of the MES tender online has increased massively since the previous year. Besides, the variety in projects has also improved massively. Therefore, it is becoming much easier for every bidder to find a suitable option and acquire them before someone else jeopardizes it. 

However, there’s a hitch. 

The MES tender online usually does not get released in a scheduled period. Therefore, it has become almost impossible for anyone to keep track of them. However, BidAssist, one of the most prominent tender websites in the country, can solve this issue. 

But, how will it do so?

When you are logging in BidAssist, you will need to put in your active mobile number. This way, the administrators of the website can let you know about the latest releases through a notification. You can also personalize the settings get the updates whenever you want. 

Nevertheless, before you get into BidAssist and start exploring, let us offer you some insights on the available MES tender online. This way, you will have a proper idea of the offerings of the website and prepare yourself properly before bidding on anything. 

Available Online Tenders on BidAssist 

There are almost 3,600 different MES tender online currently available on the official website of BidAssist. However, some of them are going to be closed soon. So, here, in this section, we are going to offer insights on the options that can be found after 20th June. Let’s jump into it!

  • MES Tender, Mumbai: This Mumbai-based MES tender will prompt you to repair certain marine assets and other relevant items to South Wharf and associated areas. The module will be available until 23rd June and has an EMD value of INR 98,000. However, you have to download the tender document to learn more about the amount. 
  • MES Tender, Porbandar: With this MES tender online, you will get the chance of provisioning the underground water sump near a swimming pool in Porbandar. The module has an EMD cost of INR 94,000 and can be bid on until 1st July. Make sure to download its documents to gain more details about it. 
  • MES Tender, Delhi: The Delhi-based MES tender will ask you to perform a proper construction of a toilet block for an integrated sports complex in the Delhi Cantonment. The EMD value of this tender is around INR 83,000. The tender amount of the same is written on its documents. So, be sure to download it before its closing date (28th June)
  • MES Tender, Vishakhapatnam: If you are considering opting for furnishing-related work, then this MES tender would be perfect for you. With it, you will have to make a renewal of furniture against condemnation under Ge Nb, Vishakhapatnam. It has an overall tender amount of 68 lacs. Moreover, you will also get until 30th June before the tender closes down. So, hurry up! 


In today’s market of inflation, finding the best and most suitable tender online can be almost impossible for anyone. Therefore, if you wish to be competitive and bid on the available tenders before anyone else, then subscribe to BidAssist today. It will send you a customized notification when a new tender gets released. So, you can always be one step ahead of your competitions in the market and find the ideal options for you.