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The majority of artists nowadays are flying within the air of ‘changing-trending-leading styles’,i.e., facing risks and challenges whereas experimenting with completely different neutering art forms. One of the experiments that has become the recent trend is ‘Mix Media Art’. As the name itself reflects, it’s uniting of all accessible art media, not adhering and proscribing the creator to just one medium for doing artwork.

Different materials like canvas, wood, paper, etc., are accustomed to producing mixed media art forms, specifically sculptures, paintings, and collages. Mixed media art is loaded with solely visual parts, like completely different based on that art is formed, 2-D,3-D effects, numerous painting mediums (charcoal, oil, watercolor, etc.).

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Some mixed media art forms to look for on our website are cited below:-

Sculpture (2-d,3-d representation of anything), is nowadays being created using different mixed media art, like-base materials (wood, canvas, etc.) and different paint media-oil, acrylic, charcoal, etc.

Collage: When the base is attached to any other medium like paper or fabric, it is a collage. The base can be a blank canvas, pieces of flat wood, paper, cardboard, etc.. There are endless possibilities in which an artist creates a two-dimensional piece by pasting different materials, magazines and newspaper clippings, paints, ink, paper, fabric, photographs, etc. to the base, and then drawing or adding paint, etc.

Wet and Dry Media: Mixing drawing with painting is a common technique used these days. Charcoal with oil-based paints is an inventive way. Another technique creates a unique look, combining oil and water-based paints.

Pencil sketches-  Pencil sketch portraits based on oil, canvas or any other mixed media is live example of trending art forms.

Sketches are freehand drawings, using either pen or pencils of suitable varying shades available in the market.

Sketches can be made in any medium. All graphic works are executed in a dry medium such as graphite, pencil, charcoal, or pastel, digital input such as a digital pen, ballpoint pen, marker pen, watercolor, and oil paint. A sculptor might model three-dimensional sketches in clay, plasticine, or wax.

We have 2 types of pencil sketch art. Following are some details about these two types:

Line art

A line drawing is the most direct means of expression. This type of drawing is without shading or lightness. It conveys dimension, movement, structure, and mood; it can also suggest texture to some extent.


Shading gives depth, shadow, purpose, and value to any art piece-it is just like adding an extra dimension to the sketch.


Mixed media arts, specifically pencil sketches are rapidly gaining popularity. Sober and decent, these pencil sketches are finding place almost everywhere, just because of the texture, shadow-look, and attractive uniqueness these art forms give to the eyes of the buyer.

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