Mixing And Matching Log Home Decor


Filling your home with your favorite personal décor adds to its comfort, atmosphere, and enjoyment. Log home décor items are not typically the same as found in conventional houses. They tend to be more rustic, country-style, vintage, and charming. Of course, more modern log siding homeowners want to mix and match log home décor to their preferences.

Log home décor comes in a variety of items that are only limited by your imagination, such as:

  • Artwork ● Country-style baths ● Sliding barn doors
  • Collectibles ● Vintage appliances ● Colorful rugs
  • Personal Items ● Fireplaces ● Shaker cabinets
  • Antique photos ● Wood-burning stoves ● Wall hooks
  • Antique lighting ● Log Furniture ● Entry-way bench
  • Antlers ● Pine Flooring ● Butcher block island

Continue this list to meet your personal tastes, and sit back and enjoy them.

Log Home Décor Should Mix and Match with Log Siding or Paneled Walls

A great way to build a log home is with pine or cedar log siding. The traditional-looking walls need décor that complements the whole house. Great lighting including antique fixtures and chandeliers can showcase the wooden walls perfectly. Those that allow adjusting the lighting up and down work well. Here are some things that are popular on walls:

  • Wood-frame mirrors and clocks
  • Animal figures and antique signs
  • Tree art and landscaping scenes
  • Old photos and wood carvings
  • Wood shelf and coat racks
  • Wood electrical outlet and switch boxes
  • Metal electrical outlet and switch plates

You can mix and match any of these wall items in any style of décor that pleases you. Many homeowners also add personal items owned by parents and grandparents.

What Log Home Décor Items Go Well with Pine Flooring?

An overwhelming favorite for log home décor is knotty pine flooring for its beauty and coziness. Some things just go better with this flooring than with tile, bamboo, or stone, including:

  • Large colorful hand-woven rugs
  • Rustic furniture and appliances
  • Rustic lighting that shows off the floors
  • A coordinated mix of color among all items 
  • The right finish: flat, satin, or glossy
  • Width and length of flooring planks

Favorite colors that complement pine flooring include beige, country blue, pastel shades, sage green, taupe, and neutral shades of while. 

“Filling your home with your favorite personal décor add to its comfort, atmosphere, and enjoyment.”

Your Rustic Kitchen Should Be Your Dream Kitchen

When we talk about log home décor in kitchens, we generally mean cabinets, appliances, countertops, floors, and shelves. Since cabinets dominate this area, let’s focus on them. Log and panel and hand-hewn varieties from Timber Country are common in kitchens from small to large. The following woods are favorites:

  • Knotty Pine
  • Cedar
  • Ambrosia Red Maple
  • Clear Pine
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Aspen

A range of colors is available to complement your kitchen including various custom stains and paints. Cabinet styles, sizes, and colors can be customized to meet your décor needs. 

The Great Room and Common Area

Just about everything mentioned thus far applies to great rooms and common areas. There are other décor items that many homeowners consider perfect for these areas, such as:

  • Vaulted or cathedral ceilings
  • Log beams and trusses
  • Exposed rafters
  • Décor items hanging from beams or trusses
  • Colorful ceiling fans
  • Stone-lined fireplace with mantel
  • Log or leather furniture

Large windows allow the sunlight to accent the décor in these areas. Add some gorgeous curtains or other window dressings for elegance.

Bedroom and Bathroom Log Home Decor           

Not least are log home décor ideas for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bedrooms are dominated by the furniture and wall items we all love. The style and size of beds, dressers, nightstands, chests of drawers, wardrobes, and chests are paramount to fit bedroom sizes. Colors are personal choices that coordinate with the walls, floors, furniture, and bedding.

Bathrooms can have rustic cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, and faucets like kitchens. Décor items and shelving vary a lot to showcase necessities and personal favorite items.