Must Have Elements of Industrial Home building


What comes to your mind when you think of an industrial-style design?

If it’s an urban loft with lots of earthy elements and rugged design, then you won’t be wrong. These are the main outlook of industrial designed homes. But not just that, it has a lot more to do. An industrial style house makeover comes in one of the most elegant styles with lots of nostalgic vibes. You can experiment with the design by adding your creativity to your modification at any time.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss some must-have elements that make a house industrially designed. This information will help you to build your dream house makeover in the easiest way possible.

But before starting the article, we’ve to know that industrial modification isn’t a modern thought. Although it’s getting very popular these days, it has a past of its own. Firstly, let’s know the history of it and understand the core meaning.

History Of Industrial House Design

This house design tells us a story of early 20s Europe. There was a huge mess at that time. So many industrial companies and factories were closing down. The second industrial revolution was happening in Europe. Lots of giant companies fell, and they left their factories, warehouses and company buildings behind. With the end of time as the cities grew up and overall space became limited, the factories, warehouses and buildings became the residential neighbourhood. People started to live there for a longer amount of time. After years of evolving, the rustic vibes of such places become a house fashion. It gives the early 20s aesthetic vibes to people who love to be attached by memories.

Now we have got the idea of how it came and became the trend among modern people. Now let’s have a look at the must-have elements that should never be ignored while making an industrial makeover to your house.

So let’s get started,

  1. Earthy colour: As we mentioned earlier, industrious design is all about accepting the rustic approach. So adding the proper colour can make so many changes to its outlook. When it comes to colours, nothing can be more prominent than using earthy colours like brown, green, grey, black etc. You can use any kind of shades of these colours to maintain colour balance and contrast. It’ll give it a real look of an early 20s industry living that’ll be worth your effort. Also, the vibe is very aesthetic and elegant as well.
  1. Expose Materials: Another thing that makes it more prominent is to expose the material of everything. Don’t do it too much, but you can add the real colours to it. Material exposure can make it look rustic and there is no doubt about it for sure. But doing it with everything can make it feel like a real factory or warehouse rather than a living hose. We need to make a balance to it, but how?

If you are making any furniture with metal, let it be simple. Don’t put any extra coating or layer on it. Keep the real metal body of metal alive on that furniture. But when it comes to making a table or sitting place, wood is a very good option. You can use polished wood for better smooth finishing, but after polish don’t put any extra colour on it. Keep it simple by using the real wood colour as it was before.

  1. Go for openness: If you’re using exposed materials and earthy colours in your house. There’s a huge chance that it’ll be a great combination of so many deep colours together. On the other hand, if you’re using such combinations, it’s hard to keep your house lightened if you are just relying on basic sunlight spaces.

By sunlight spaces, it means the windows and doors of your house. The door size of your house should be half double an average human height. The window should be placed here rather than an ordinary house window placement. The expectation should be caring for as much light as possible and spreading it to the whole room. In that case, you can use a mirror or any other mirror glass decoration items on opposite walls of windows. The reflection will do the work rightfully.

  1. Merge old with new: While the industrial house adds some stories, smartness makes it comfier. So don’t forget that you have to make your home worth living as by comfort. Try to add abstract painted pillows, bed sheets and furniture covers that’ll enhance the aesthetic vibe of your house and also provide you with the comfort you need.

You can use modern modified old looking furniture with portable features in it. So charm colours but within a limit. You can use them as an accent colour to add some fun to the environment. Play with wall art pieces and choose abstract wallpaper or canvas paintings for your wall. The expectation should be to compliment the room environment even more.

  1. Maintain corners: Rounded corners on furniture or corridor design is a big no in industrial house design. The rounded shape makes it look smoother and softer. Although you might think so, it’s a small change. But let me tell you that it’ll affect the decoration so much and make the makeover incomplete. When it comes to industrial home makeovers, the furniture edges should be always in angle shapes. It’ll help to maintain the rough look of the house that is the main identity.

So in this article, you had to get to know about the past of this house design idea and how it became a trend. Also, we discussed the main five elements that make a house industrially designed. We also cleared the point of how we can make it without compromising our comfort.

This information is made by collecting the suggestions of the home makeover experts around the world. Applying these tricks will help you to make the desirable industrial designed house according to your choices and personal comfort.

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