Nezuko Full Form – Demon Slayer


This article will give you information about the Demon Slayer form of Nezuko. This form gives her the ability to regenerate and fight effectively, while also preventing her from feeding on humans. In addition, you will learn about her relationship with Tanjiro. Hopefully, you will find this information useful.

Nezuko’s Demon

Nezuko full demon form appearance has many differences from her human form. While she starts out as a bloodthirsty demon hungry for human flesh, she changes after seeing her brother’s desire to protect him. Despite her demonic appearance, Nezuko retains some aspects of her human personality, including her ability to smile and cry when happy or sad. She is less violent than other Demons, but she is still able to protect her allies and friends.

This form increases Nezuko’s fighting abilities and also requires her to feed on human blood. She can only get back to her normal form when Tanjiro sings the song. In addition, Nezuko has complete control over the demon form during a duel.

Nezuko has a very strong willpower and does not fear combat. She fiercely protects her brother and his allies. Although she has developed her Demon full form, she does not seem to fear conflict and she is very protective of her family and friends.

Her resistance to sunlight

The resistance to sunlight of Nezuko full form is based on her lineage as a Sun Breathing user. She initially reacted negatively to sunlight but eventually developed a tolerance to it. This made it possible for her to travel in daylight without being burned. This ability forced Muzan to change his plans when hunting Nezuko.

The resistance to sunlight of Nezuko’s demonic physical form is another unique feature. This feature, which reflects her demonic nature, allows her to grow faster than other demons. She can even regenerate limbs that have been severed. Because of her resistance to sunlight, she is even more formidable than other demons.

Although the exact mechanism by which Nezuko underwent her transformations has not been revealed, it is assumed that she was infected with Muzan’s blood. Despite this, she still retains a significant portion of her humanity and can function as a demon without having to feed on human flesh and blood. Because she has been able to preserve so much of her human nature, she can now resist the sunlight.

Her relationship with Tanjiro

Nezuko and Tanjiro’s relationship is cute and sweet. They have a close bond, even when they’re both battling demons. Both characters are willing to sacrifice for one another. Nezuko is the emotional support for Tanjiro, and they are both protective of one another.

The relationship between Nezuko and Tanjiro is not like any of Tanjiro’s peers. Unlike Luffy, Goku and Kenshiro, Tanjiro has a supportive and kind sister. However, their relationship isn’t the most stable, and at times, the two feel frustrated with one another. Although Nezuko loves Tanjiro, she’s still not totally transformed.

The relationship between Nezuko and Tanjiro was initially complicated by the fact that she was biologically twelve years old, but she was later reincarnated into an older version of the Agatsuma family. Both Zenitsu and Nezuko make a point to mention that Tanjiro’s family is a part of their family history. Nezuko, Inosuke, and Tanjiro would eventually marry, and have a family. Their children would later marry and have children, including two great-grandchildren.

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