Top Considerations to Choose the Right B2B Data Provider

Outsourcing Database

The most successful B2B businesses are the ones that have leveraged AI and Big Data optimally. Not all companies can afford to have in-house resources for database management.

This is why B2B data providers are in great demand in today’s data-driven sales and marketing arena. If you are launching a start-up, liaising with the right database provider can help you break even quicker.

And if you are transitioning your analogue business to a digitized, data-driven one, outsourcing to the right team is crucial.

Advantages of Outsourcing to B2B Data Providers

Before we move to the considerations for choosing a B2B data provider, here’s a look at the advantages of outsourcing:-

  • Increased Sales and Marketing Productivity
  • Greater Employee Efficiency as the focus is on direct leads nurturing without having to painstakingly gather data
  • Affordable as compared to in-house Data Acquiring and Management
  • Gives you the upper edge with the stellar database and AI technologies of seasoned B2B data providers
  • Enhanced database security (with the onus of secure data storage being with your database partner)

6 Main Factors to Select the Best B2B Data Provider

Assess the Database Verifiability

A database that is outdated or has many errors is an outright bad investment. Your employees will end up spending time sorting out the inaccuracies, thus unable to focus on their core duties. Before you join hands with any B2B data provider, gain a thorough understanding and written clarity on the data verifiability. Request for a free trial and get the necessary postulates mentioned in the contract. Accurate data is the mainstay of any successful B2B business.

Check if the Data is Customizable

Getting customized data to meet your precision-based business requirements is a must today. Given how cut-throat the competition is in most B2B sectors, you cannot afford to rely on a mediocre database. Have a clear understanding of what your customization requirements are, and inquire if these can be fulfilled. For instance, as a B2B marketing team, you might need to rely on:-

  • Geo-targeted databases
  • Specific company details like size, revenue, business model, purchase patterns as opposed to just a generic name and phone number
  • Language and localization parameters

Understanding your ICP

Choosing a name from a list of reputed B2B data providers is not easy. You need to know if the service provider is worthy of being your long-term partner in progress. How well they understand your business ICP (Ideal Client Profile) can be a substantial indicator of their capability. Gone are the days of B2B cold calling and generic targeting of businesses. As a B2B marketer, if you want to be successful today, precision-based targeting as per your ICP is necessary. There is no use in allocating time and resources towards companies that are not likely to convert.

Cost Consideration

This is the most obvious consideration before you outsource any database requirements. As a database service provider, you need to understand that any cost analysis has multiple points of analysis. It is not just about how much the B2B data provider is charging, but how is their collaboration monetarily beneficial? How is the investment going to translate into financial gains for your business? Is it worth investing in in-house data acquisition, or is it wiser to seek third-party assistance? These are some questions that need to be answered.

Seamless Transition

If you are aiming to transform your company from analogue to digital and data-centric, a seamless transition is necessary. Implementing core operational changes can be pretty challenging, especially since you have to initiate from the grassroots. Speak to B2B data providers and ask if they can assist you with the adaption of new technologies.

Client Support

Getting adequate support especially during the teething phase is a big priority. Be it in terms of responsiveness or efficiency in tackling issues, a database provider must offer bankable client support. Go through genuine testimonials and reviews from their existing clients for further assurance.


As a B2B business owner, the database you use will have a direct impact on yours sales figures and profitability. B2B data providers known for providing accurate, actionable, and tangible data can help attain your business objectives with ease. Also, with the element of customization and cost considerations in mind, your choice of the right database provider can be cemented.