Painting Tricks to Make Your Room Feel and Look Spacious


Every color and texture of paint has a unique effect on a house. When you are thinking of painting your house, a good amount of time should be spent on choosing the color and texture of the interior paint. Every room and every wall should be duly noted with the effect of light and space. Using the right painting tricks can greatly enhance the sense of space in a house. Here are a couple of points that you should note.

Using light colors

The simplest trick to have a spacious feeling in the house is to use light colors for your entire house. Light shaded walls reflect more light and therefore, make the space airy and open. These light colors have a natural tendency to illuminate the room than dark colors. Colors like off-white, olive green, and powder blue can have a great illuminating effect in any kind of space. Pastel colors are also recommended for small spaces. To find the best painting products, check painting services in Hyderabad.

Choosing similar shades for the ceilings

Irrespective of what shade you chose for your walls, if you maintain the same color for your ceilings- it will truly expand the sense of space. Having the same color throughout can give the eyes more space to go through. It gives a seamless look without any blocks or shifts. You can also experiment with different shades of the same color to create a similar effect. You can consider having a set undertone on which you can add different shades.

Having a focal point

If your room has one point that can draw the most attention, it will naturally make the space look spacious. Having an accent wall can be helpful for this reason as it makes this wall the focal point. The decor for the rest of the room should be minimal to avoid distraction for the eyes. You can also use your furniture, shelves, or photo frames in a similar way. Establishing a focal point of the room makes it appear de-cluttered and clean. Find the best ways to protect your walls and ceilings at waterproofing service in Hyderabad.

Using high-gloss paint

High-gloss paints or enamel paints have a highly reflective surface. Using them for a portion of the room or the entire room can significantly add to the spacious effect because of light reflection. It is better to have high-gloss paint for one portion of the room to establish a sense of length and space. Using the right color is also important. You may choose a dark color to have a dramatic contrast. High-gloss paints can be used for areas like the accent wall or a small portion of the bedroom to create a sense of separation and space.


As you can understand, there are a variety of tricks along with experimentation that you may try. The overall idea should be to have a good balance of light in the room. Furniture should be arranged to create a minimalistic space. The sense of space is always highlighted when there are fewer objects blocking the view. Using these key aspects of the design can greatly enhance the sense of space in your house.