Is it Safe to Get Penile Operation? Pros and Cons

penile operations

Normally, the size of an erect penis is 5 inches or 13 Cm. The doctor considers this normal penis size, but encomiastic ideas about the penis size of men lead them to intervene in it. Penis enlargement surgery in India can increase girth and length, but whether it is a safe method or will you continue with normal sexual behavior after tampering with the penis is the question of many men. So let’s know what kind of situations it will be after getting penis operations.

Why Penile/Penis Operations Required

A person who is suffering from micropenis disease which also causes uncomfortable urinating. Penis surgery is necessary for such a person, but men can opt for surgery even if they do not have an ideal size penis. Penis operation is a high skill issue, so it will work better if offered by an experienced surgeon only.

Much research done in the US shows the penis did not show any additional results for many years after the operation and remained stable and wide. Since, most times, the penis returns to its old state after one year of operation. Therefore, the patient has to be careful while choosing the surgeon and the hospital. So is penile operations completely safe? Yes, but not completely.

Then what are the ways to perform a penile extension which makes a safe and stable penile enlargement, here know?

Ways to Get Penile Extension

There are many options other than surgery to enlarge the penis, but surgery is a permanent solution. Let’s check below that what ways can increase the size of the penis.

Vacuum devices

Vacuum pumps are also an option for penis enlargement, whose technique stimulates blood circulation to the penis with the help of tubes, which makes the penis appear larger, although it also cures short-term impotence. But the pump is not an ideal treatment because excessive use of such devices causes laxity in penile tissues and after a while, it will be impossible to get an erection without a pump.

Pills and Lotions

Pills and lotions containing vitamins also increase the size of the penis, but this treatment is not as popular because no research has been done on the extent to which these drugs are effective. Although these medicines do not require a medical prescription, taking them without medical advice can lead to adverse results. Another research found that some drugs for penis enlargement contain lead and other harmful substances, which are very detrimental.

Surgical methods

Suspensory ligament release and penile augmentation are two common operations that are recommended for penile enlargement.

The doctor takes fat from other parts of the body and grafts it onto the penis, and in another case, the patient is given an injection to increase the fat cells. Because the body will absorb the ejected fat over time and the penis will return to its old size, therefore penis operations are unsuccessful. But the first method is still effective, and men who have gone through it have had positive results for a long time.

The ligament technique attempts to make the penis appear bigger by changing the angle. It is also an effective method. Through a simple penis operation, its angle can be changed by straightening the penis easily.

Pros and Cons of Penile Operation

In a modern way, penile surgery has become very safe. The instruments used in surgery are so advanced that the chances of any mistake are negligible. However, there are always some apprehensions, and there may be some complications in urinating and establishing physical relations after side effects and surgery. But any additional effects ultimately depend on the patient’s anatomy. The results of penile surgery are different for each, but the advantages and disadvantages under normal conditions are reviewed below.

Pros of penis enlargement surgery:

  • During the operation, both the length and width of the penis can be corrected at the same time.
  • Increases man’s confidence
  • Helps in plasurable intercourse
  • Boost self-esteem

Cons of penile operation:

  • Minor chest pain
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Size may not get affected(in some cases)

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Every type of physical operation has some advantages and disadvantages, but satisfaction is the only goal that pushes us towards healing. Penis enlargement surgery is a great solution to give the best physical pleasure to the partner. It is a one-time solution to the penis and frees the man from the hassle of treatment repeatedly. Although this surgery is necessary for men suffering from micropenis. If you find your penis size smaller than normal and your intercourse experience is not as pleasurable as you want, you can take the help of penis operations.