Postpartum Clothes to Have in Your Closet After Pregnancy


The postpartum period can be overwhelming in many ways, even for a seasoned mom. You’re facing sleep deprivation, navigating care for a newborn, and your changing body. Ensuring you are taking care of yourself and being comfortable postpartum is essential. One way to do that is to ensure you have postpartum wear that you feel confident in, which will also accommodate the changes occurring to your body.

Postpartum Clothes We Love

Short-Sleeve Notch Collar Top and Shorts Set

This pajama set is highly rated, affordable, and definitely one of our favorites. The fabric is super soft and becomes even softer as you wash them! The button-up top is perfect for breastfeeding access.

Notch Collar Nightgown

This is an excellent nightgown for postpartum clothes to wear. You might not want to wear pants after giving birth, so this is a great option! It’s a fantastic length that will keep you comfortable even if you have company visiting. I took two of these to the hospital to wear after giving birth and highly recommend them. The fabric is so soft, and the design is convenient for wearing any day.

Maternity Nursing Gown and Robe Set

This set would be perfect for the hospital and postpartum clothes! It includes a soft nightgown with access for breastfeeding. This nightgown can be worn with or without the matching robe. This is a perfect piece to have postpartum to keep you covered and warm.

Nursing Pajama and Breastfeeding Set

This pajama set will keep you comfortable through all the postpartum stages. It includes a top designed for breastfeeding access with cap sleeves and ruching on either side for extra comfort. The pants have an adjustable waist and feature a wider leg design. There are also short sets if you prefer those over wearing pants.

Drop Cup Nursing Pajama Set

This pajama set can be worn together or separately to create more looks. The camisole top has a drop cup design for easier nursing. It also features adjustable spaghetti straps for your comfort and a customized fit. The pants feature a wider leg design, perfect for postpartum clothes.