Premium Branded Vs Luxury Branded Clothes?


Before we go deep into the debate of whether one should buy branded or non-branded clothes? Let’s talk about what exactly is a brand?

A brand is an identity of a product via a logo, name, style, etc that defines a product or product category. This allows people to remember it easily and remember what a brand stands for like quality or their target audience.

Let’s for example talk about campus sutra as a premium brand not luxury. Campus Sutra is a brand specifically designed for casual wear or loungewear for college students. They in less than 4 years have managed to create an identity for themselves that no other brand has been able to. 

It conveys with it the degree of value and happiness in the psyche of the client. The logo is frequently called a brand name and is known as a logo name when it characterizes or addresses an item.

Let’s take a look at the campus sutra men’s t-shirts. They have a following of their own as they provide high-quality t-shirts at an affordable price for college students.
Premium Branded clothes like Campus Sutra or Status quo are a symbol of luxury or at least premium-ness. It has often been observed that brands bring a feeling of contentment to their customers. They know that they can trust whatever they are buying because it belongs to a brand and are willing to pay a higher price for the same. It’s all about the status quo.

Extravagance doesn’t address an issue or take care of an issue. Extravagance purchasers aren’t keen on more highlights giving better incentive for cash. Which t is a superior promoting point. Extravagance customers need to think about a brand’s legacy, notoriety and uniqueness. Because, it’s the personality that checks, instead of a serious edge.

Luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, Adidas and many others provide good quality products but at a higher price. They are a symbol of class, status, and high-account balances whereas Status Quo and campus sutra are penetrating a bigger market. They bring quality and affordability to the table. Also, we should not forget dependability.

The premium brands and luxury brands differ on the following points:

  • Their Target Audiences: Brand buyers looking for an experience. That makes them feel on top of the world whereas the premium brand buyers choose to pay a little higher for better quality and sturdy product which they know will last longer. Like the t-shirts fromCampus Sutra are long-lasting.
  • Prices: Luxury brands are expensive whereas premium brands may or may not be expensive depending on the product and their competitors in the market.Status Quo products are just rightly priced.
  • Advertisements: Luxury brands do not advertise but premium brands likeCampus Sutra and Status Quo do.
  • Details: Luxury brands can sell anything at higher prices even if their products are not as detailed because of their brand value. Yet, premium brands like Campus Sutra are setting the standards for both quality and quantity in the fashion industry today.

Hope we helped you understand the simple differences between premium brands and luxury brands. Hence you will be able to choose what is beneficial for you in the long run. Brands or no-brands always find clothes that are comfortable to you and good for your pocket. You can splurge on luxury once in a while but it doesn’t really matter.