Property types in the Santa Clara area

Santa Clara area

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may have come across the term “single-family residence” and wondered what it means. Basically, single-family residences are houses that don’t have separate living quarters for those who work there. This type of residence is the most popular form in Santa Clara County with 46% of all residences being this property type. The next most popular are duplexes, with only 5.5% of residences being this property type. Other common single-family housing types include:

Single-family residences

Whereas single-family residences are houses, condos are considered a form of multi-family residence. Condos come in many forms. In most cases they’re townhouses that share walls with other townhouses and have their own private entrance. But they can also be one level apartments or even mansions that share an entry with one other home on either side. Condos are common in many parts of the Bay Area and with only 5% of the residences being this type it’s one of the least popular options.

Townhouses are essentially condos that happen to be attached to an adjacent unit. This type is probably second most common after single-family residences, but with 13% they’re still far behind single-family housing types.

Santa Clara apartments for rent, including townhouse apartments, make up the next most common housing type at 20% of all residences in Santa Clara County.

The Complex World of Estate:

A significant part of the housing market in Santa Clara County is the market for “estate” homes. These are homes that are not-quite single family dwellings and as such tend to be larger and more expensive due to this. But like condos, they can also be spread across different levels of a complex which adds to their overall cost. The most common form of this housing in Santa Clara County is the fourplex, which makes up 8% of all the residences here.

Land Real Estate:

For those in the market for land, Santa Clara county has 6.6% of all land as real estate. This can be a great investment as it’s not as affected by economic downturns, although it is more susceptible to fluctuations in supply and demand.

In addition to this there are a few other types of residences in Santa Clara county including:

Manufactured: 17%

Institutional: 2%

Other: 0.

Residential Real Estate:

It’s important to note that this report is only discussing the various types of residential real estate in Santa Clara County, California. It doesn’t include commercial or industrial properties like offices, warehouses or factories.


An extremely common property type in Santa Clara county is buildings. With 63% of residences being buildings, they’re the most common type by a wide margin.


Home types in Santa Clara County are extremely diverse considering the population size here. With 21% of the homes being single-family residences they’re the most common form of home, yet they’re overshadowed by 34% of houses being other types such as duplexes, townhouses and apartments.

Commercial Real Estate:

With only 9% of all the residences being commercial real estate, this type probably ranks in second place behind single family homes. Commercial real estate is not as common in Santa Clara County compared to many other places because there is such a high demand for housing here. There’s also a much lower demand for office space due to the companies that are located here. Firms like Google and Apple have very strong offices and do not need or want additional space so they have ample capacity at their existing locations. This is not true for many other firms, however.

This report also doesn’t include industrial properties such as warehouses and factories because they’re usually commercial real estate types.

Total Residences by Property Type in Santa Clara County:

Single Family Residence – 46.0%

Duplex – 5.5%

Townhouse – 13.1%

Condominium – 5.1%

Apartment / Townhouses – 20.3%

Fourplex – 8.2%

Other Buildings – 12.

Industrial Real Estate:

In terms of industrial real estate, Santa Clara County only has 0.5% of all residences as industrial real estate. This is the second least popular industrial property type in the entire Bay Area and dwarfed by neighboring counties such as San Mateo, which has over 30% of its residences being institutional property.

In addition to this, government property makes up a significant chunk of the remainder with 2.3% being institutional and 2.1% being government owned property types.

Why You Need A Santa Clara Real Estate Agent:

If you’re looking to buy or sell residential real estate in Santa Clara CA, you’ll need professional assistance from a qualified and experienced local real estate agent. Whether you’re looking for rentals in Santa Clara CA, or if you’re looking for a condo or townhouse to purchase, you can count on the agents here at Keller Williams Realty.

There are many things that can affect property values over the years. This can include economic conditions and other factors such as overall supply and demand.