Reasons to Adopt A Child

Adopt A Child

Growing your family through adoption is a journey, whether you seek a traditional agency or a LGBT adoption agency. Every adoptive family looks different from the number of children in the home to the different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds of the adoptive parents. Adoption is a beautiful way to build a story of love, devotion, and care for the future. There are many reasons why adoptive parents start their journey to adoption. While these are definitely not the only reasons to adopt a child, here are the top 5 reasons to adopt a child into your family.

You Are Unable to Have Biological Children

This is probably the number one reason why families turn towards adoption. Those couples who are not able to have biological children often desire to grow their family through adoption. Some families have known they can’t conceive children due to preceding health reasons while others have struggled with years of infertility. Adopting a child is another avenue in which these couples can have a family. Many of those families looking to adopt a newborn are those that cannot biologically conceive a child.

You Want to Give A Child A Loving Home

Many adoptive parents long to do their part in providing a home for the many orphans across the country. They understand the crisis of how many children live in foster homes and want to do their part to help. While many foster parents are loving, adoption allows the child to become a permanent part of a family with the added benefits that come well past the age of 18 years old. The urge to help is a large part of an adoptive parents’ choice to pursue adoption.

You Feel Called to Adopt

If you talk to many adoptive families, you will most likely hear about the strong urge to adopt a child. This feeling goes well beyond wanting to help out but is rather a calling that the adoptive parents feel extremely strongly about. Some parents believe this for religious reasons while others have always had the premonition that they would adopt a child in the future. No matter the purpose behind this calling, many adoptive parents know that adoption is part of their life plan and can’t bear to live life any longer without adopting a child.

You Want to Help A Friend or Family Member

In some cases, the adoptive parent knows the biological parent of the child. This happens when a friend or family member can no longer take care of their child. Sometimes the foster care system steps into these situations and friends or family members choose to adopt rather than have the child enter the foster care system. Adoptive parents could be the biological grandparents of the child or a distant relative or friend that has a desire to adopt. These adoptions are good for those children who can live in a stable home while also having access to a biological parent when appropriate.

You Want Children Even Though You’re Single

It is becoming more and more common for single adults to begin the adoption process. These adults are those who don’t see themselves marrying but still have a desire to be a parent. Many successful adoptions include single parents who have a secure support network. The adoption process can look different from couples wanting to adopt as a single parent must fulfill the necessary requirements on their own. Hopeful single adoptive parents need to have a steady income, be in excellent health and have a support system of friends and family who can help guide and care for the child as well. Many happy families include a single parent and an adopted child.

Adopting a child is a fantastic way to grow your family. There are plenty of different reasons that adoptive families want to welcome home a child. These top 5 reasons to adopt a child are the most popular ones but definitely not the only reasons to experience the pure joy of adoption.