Now Relocating Bangalore to Chennai is Not a Headache Anymore!

Packers and movers bangalore to chennai

If you’re moving to Chennai for a new job, for business purposes, after marriage, or for some other cause, Parshuram Packers will help to fulfill your moving requirements in your budget. We’ve helped thousands of people like you move their homes, cars, and office products safely from Bangalore to Chennai.

The distance between Bangalore and Chennai is about 350 km. To ensure complete protection of goods during transit, you will need the best quality relocation facilities, including packing-unpacking, loading-unloading, and good transport vehicles. The best choice is to find competent providers of intercity house shifting services capable of handling Bangalore’s relocation process to Chennai from start to finish.

Services Provided by Packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai.

Domestic House Shifting: 

Intercity household shifting businesses provide maximum security with quality products, proper equipment and techniques, and moving insurance. They ensure that goods are transported on time from Bangalore to Chennai to your doorstep.

Bike/ Car Transport: 

Get your vehicle transported by bike or car movers and packers in a timely and secure manner. To avoid scratching and damage and transport them in bike/car carriers, they use high-quality packing material such as bubble wrap and corrugated sheets for packaging vehicles.

Office Moving: 

Specialist office relocation firms are skilled in managing, packing, and moving everything from simple office furniture to essential documents and possessions, paying attention to every aspect of the minute and without wasting much time.

Cargo shipping: 

Cargo packaging and shipping companies provide quick and secure shipping with proper packing and cost-effective cargo or parcel goods shifting. The cargo is transported via road, rail, air freight, or sea freight to Chennai.


For as long as possible, domestic moving and storage companies provide warehousing facilities for storing home or commercial goods. In addition to providing protection, they can take a full inventory and have 24×7 security arrangements so that you can seek damages.

Phase for House Moving from Bangalore to Chennai

Inter-city relocation involves coordinated preparation and execution, which the domestic home removal firms can take care of. For household relocation from Bangalore to Chennai, the procedure followed is as follows:

1. Disassembly

Packers and Movers can disassemble any big and bulky furniture or appliances to make it easier to pack and accommodate them in trucks. To conduct the entire task with care, they use the appropriate instruments and follow proper procedures.

2. Packing: 

Using good-quality packing material such as bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing paper, sturdy carton boxes, etc., all households are adequately packed to ensure full safety during transit from Bangalore to Chennai.

3. Loading: 

moving service providers use professional methods and equipment to load goods and position them correctly in the transport vehicle, such as moving dollies, furniture sliders, hand trucks, straps and ropes, and other suitable ones.

4. Transportation: 

the best route is taken for transport, and goods will be shipped to your doorstep at the scheduled time, depending on whether you want the shared or dedicated vehicle.

5. Unloading: 

again, when unloading objects and putting them in the building, the appropriate instruments and techniques are used. To claim insurance immediately, you can search the shipped goods for damages or misplacement.

Since none of the movers travel along with the goods, domestic shifting companies from Bangalore do not provide unpacking and re-assembly facilities at Chennai’s destination. They only take the aid of an experienced driver with excellent skills to unload all items, but not to unpack and re-assemble them safely.

Therefore, if you also need unpacking and re-assembly services at the destination before moving day, you can request the packers and movers Bangalore. To provide these services, they may make alternate arrangements (sending seasoned employees) for the same.