Best Salon Appointment Booking App to Streamline Your Salon Activities

Best Salon Appointment Booking App

Salon owners have their set of challenges especially when they are just starting up new. Not only do they need to be ahead in the bookings but, have to handle multiple things like staff management, beauty products inventory, discounts, and promo deals, marketing their salon’s beauty services, and so on. Fraught with distraction, how about getting a salon appointment booking app? Costly? No, it isn’t.

The Schedulicity clone salon appointment booking app is a well-thought app after a lot of research, undertaking the challenges and problems of the salon owner. Thus, the app not only helps you to streamline your salon but also furthers you in the right direction of the growth trajectory. In this blog post, we will discuss what a salon appointment booking app is and how it matters? The advantages of having one and the features that takes your salon business to the next level.

What Is Salon Appointment Booking App?

As the name suggests, the app takes care of your entire salon booking.

Nowadays, customers prefer doing booking online. As a result, there is a significant rise in these kinds of apps allowing them the convenience to book their salon appointments anytime, anywhere.

It allows your client to schedule their bookings, cancel as well as “book now schedule later”. The app lets your users choose beauty services from a wide range of lists and book, make payments, and so on. All the appointment calendars let them see on which days the bookings are available, holidays, and so on.

The app completely relieves you from the dependency of hiring a resource, minding the reception to take up the appointments.

Not you lose business but also customers by not offering your customers the facility to book their schedule online.  According to a recent survey, clients love those salons that keep themselves upgraded. And if you are one of them, you are losing a great deal of business.

What Are The Advantages Of Schedulicity Clone Salon Apps

When it comes to the salon appointment booking app, it brings plenty of benefits. Some of the prominent ones include:

Open for 24/7

Yes, your customers can just open the scheduling app, book their salon appointments on the go. The convenience that it brings to the customers surpasses all the hassles of calling the salon.

No hassles of rescheduling and cancellation

Just like bookings made easy, the cancellation and rescheduling can be performed through this app. Thus, eliminating the need of hiring a resource for it.

Send automatic reminders

It sends automatic reminders about their scheduled bookings. Also, it notifies about any important alerts, new deals and discounts, promotional offers, the launch of new beauty services, and so on.

Markets your salon better

Having a salon scheduling app creates an impression that you care about your customers, and their hassles. Also, the app features allow you to reach out to wider audiences easily. Apart from this, you can promote your app by offering loyalty programs, referrals, running banner ads, and so on.

Strong online presence

Google loves who are updated and runs on the latest technology. When your customers are happy, they are sure to share your salon info with others. They will provide positive feedback and testimonials thus it automatically enhances your online presence.

Saves great on stationary

The online booking app does not require you having invested in pens and paper. Everything is online, thus eliminates the need for stationary saving your time to take care of the stuff manually.

Zero errors

Everything is now done online, thus standing no chance of goof up and errors. Fewer errors will let you be more organized and that’s what your customers love about it.

More productive hours

Having an appointment booking app frees up your time which initially was used in mending the salon issues. With the majority of the tasks taken care of, now you can spend that time on doing what you are good at – growing your salon business.

The Must-have Features For Your Schedulicity Clone Salon Appointment App

  • Easy social media login and registration
  • A quick search for the nearby salons
  • One tap appointment and scheduling salon appointment
  • In-app offers/ discounts
  • Email notifications for both – customers and owner
  • Payment confirmation
  • Notify upon completing the task
  • Provide feedback/ ratings

Final Comments

In this smartphone era, your salon must adopt diverse mobile app options. Building a Schedulicity clone salon appointment booking app provides you with detailed salon management and a website to go along with. Equipped with rich-features, your salon appointment booking app is good to go.

Thus it is crucial to have the right app development partner on board. For any startup, the cost might be the issue, but the good news is Schedulicity clone salon app comes at a very affordable price. Built on scalable technologies, and customized features, this white-label clone app script is a readymade solution available for the salon to launch their online booking app within 5 days.

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