Six hotspots for home-sellers in the UK

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Across much of the United Kingdom, nearly two years of intense buyer demand have resulted in the greatest sellers’ market in a decade. Grays, Essex, Didsbury, Manchester and Mangotsfield, near Bristol, are the top destinations for sellers right now.

In these popular towns, more than eight out of ten properties for sale on Rightmove have previously been sold subject to the contract (SSTC). The top seller hotspots all have a few things in common: decent commuter connections to a big city, reasonably priced homes, good schools, and plenty of open space.

New houses that have come on the market haven’t been able to keep up with the demand from buyers. According to our research, the shelves in certain locations are nearly barren, indicating a pressing need for additional sellers to consider making 2022 their year to migrate.

The good news is that experts including estate agents in Manchester say that there has been an increase in the number of people who want to know how much their home is worth and are contacting brokers to have their home assessed, with many of them may be getting in early to avoid the New Year buyer rush.

Essex, Grays

£345,415 is the average asking price.

Price increase of 7% each year

Buyers priced out of London are flocking to Grays, Essex, a Thames Estuary hotspot approximately 20 miles east of London that offers a super-fast commute to the City of London in just over half an hour. Victorian and Thirties semis, as well as completely new residences, are available.

The majority of the area schools have received good or excellent Ofsted ratings. It offers an abundance of green space, including the magnificent Chafford Gorges Nature Park and Greys Chalk Quarry Nature Park, as well as Riverside Park’s artificial beach on the Thames.

£367,429 is the average asking price.

Didsbury, Manchester

Annual price increase of 5%

According to new data, buyers in Manchester had to pay tens of thousands of pounds extra for properties last year. Since the world reopened in 2020, the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, which restricted house sales during the first shutdown, along with stamp duty vacations, has strengthened the housing market across the UK.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the median house price in Manchester reached £208,000 in the year to June, up £20,000 from the previous year.

House prices were also above pre-pandemic levels in the year to June 2019, with the average standing at £177,000. If you are looking to sell your home in Manchester, it is a wise idea to opt for property valuation in Manchester to get a fair price for your property. 

Bristol, Mangotsfield

£335,598 is the average asking price.

Price increase of 12% each year

Buyers have begun to flock to the outskirts of Bristol as house prices in the city centre have risen, and Mangotsfield, five miles outside the city centre, is bustling as a result. Mangotsfield boasts a lot of large 1920s and 1930s residences, a few local shops and restaurants, and the glory of the Cotswolds just to the east. The city, with its amazing range of stores, pubs, restaurants, and nightlife, is easily accessible by bus.

Eastleigh, Hampshire.

£365,196 is the average asking price.

Price increase of 7% each year

Eastleigh, located just outside of Southampton, is an excellent place to buy a home if you enjoy being outside. Eastleigh is a lovely town nestled beside the River Itchen, situated between the South Downs National Park and the New Forest, and near to the Solent and Sussex and Hampshire beaches.

In town, there is a good selection of new modern residences and flats, as well as some streets of period terraces. With more individuals being able to work from home, this location has begun to attract a new generation of purchasers who may have previously considered the hour and 15-minute train commute to London to be too far away.

Redditch, Worcestershire 

£242,886 is the average asking price.

Price increase of 7% each year

Redditch, 15 miles north of Birmingham and home to pop music sensation Harry Styles, is not just a popular commuter destination, but the dynamic town also has plenty to offer, including shops, restaurants, a theatre, and a cinema.

In addition, the 900-acre Arrow Valley Country Park offers plenty of greenery. Period terraces, well-priced but somewhat boring purpose-built residences, and some very beautiful country homes on the fringes are all available.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s always good to know what kind of trends are happening in your area. The housing market in the UK has been strongly influenced by several factors. It’s too early to make any definite predictions, but the above areas look like they could have a promising future ahead of them.