Some of the cannabis strain that produces huge yields


If you are a grower, you should know that getting a successful harvest is about getting the plants in cultivation with the strong and most potent buds. You can get the outdoor high yield pot strains for the growing cannabis plants to get the potent efficiency. The important and primary aspect to remember while growing a cannabis plant is to get the right and fine quality seeds that have a growth level and features for a particular growing environment. 

Most of the growers use high and powerful strains that make them feel motivated. Many others choose the indica that has high yields, which give them a calm and relaxing feeling, and others opt for medical purposes. 

Here are some of the cannabis strains that produce high yields-

  • Critical kush

After making the combination of OG Kush and uber-productive critical endows, the critical kush is ready with some incredible attributes. If you get a great quality of critical kush, you need dank chunky kush nugs with rich pine flavors in huge quantities. The essential flowering process of kush is fast, along with the heavy harvest process, which is around 50 to 60 days. 

Kush genetics give buds dense and frosty looks and strong sedative effects.

  • Strawberry lemonade

It has sativa dominant genetics, the strain of this cannabis strain generally crosses between strawberry and OG lemons that release with earthy terpenes which gives the appearance the same like lemon and strawberry. 

The THC level in this strain is present around 20%, which gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling to the user with an uplifting twist. The average flowering time of this strain is around 70 days.

  • Blue dream 

It was the first marijuana strain of the US. It has sativa dominant of approx 60% hybrid used for medical purposes in California in earlier times. It is a cross of blueberry indica and super silver haze with a high and strong potency of THC content which ranges from 17% to 24%. The 2%CBD level of this strain helps in boosting the medical qualities of it. 

The average flowering time of this strain is around 9to 10 weeks.

  • White widow

White widow strain is very much popular worldwide because of its provoking and uplifting effects. Growing these plants is not difficult, but the thing to keep in mind is that the plant can be picky in temperature and nutrients. It is effective for indoor growing where the grower itself can control the temperature. It is 100% sativa genetic, with around 16 to 18 THC content. The average flowering time of white widows is around 65 to 75 days. It has a sweet, earthy, flowery taste and the color of the strained green. White widow yields up to 18 ounces per square meter.


Get outdoor high yield pot strains from stores and online sites to get the best quality strains that prove effective for indoor planting. These are some of the high-yield cannabis strains that are different from each other and have different periods to grow with their potency level.