Stop Smartphone Addiction With Social Fever


With increase our dependability on our smart increased our social media life also increased. This gives birth to smartphone addiction which is a big problem. People are spending lots of time and wasting it on unnecessary things like on their smartphone checking their social media account, listening to music, watching videos, updating social media feeds, checking the notification, getting jealous of other people’s posts and much more. If you are working as Social media Manager then probably social media management tools can help you. But  Smartphone addiction is causing lots of mental and physical issues to the users.

To cope with all the problems, we need to stop using our smartphones, however, we are so dependent on our smartphones that we cannot get rid of them. What we can do is that we can keep track of our smartphone usage and control our addiction.

We can either reduce the usage of the smartphone manually or we can use Social Fever to stop our smartphone addiction. This simple application will help you to manage the daily usage of your smartphone. Let’s have a look at this smart application and its features are.

Social Fever – Stop Smartphone Addiction

Track Goals

Social Fever will help you to track app usage and limit the usage of the application you are using.

You can set the goal and keep track of the application usage. You can add multiple applications in the tracking list so that you can check the usage of the application individually.

By monitoring the application usage, we can limit the usage of the application

Application usage history. This simple application will let you see the application history of the last seven days. This will show you to the day wise usage of the application in graphs.


This application will let you set your interests like the hobbies. This feature will tell you to stop what you are doing on the phone and start doing the activity you love.

This application will tell you to disconnect from the smartphone and then reconnect with the physical world that you love.

Ear Health: 

Ear Health feature of the Social Fever application will help you to track usage of headphones so that your ears do not get damaged.

You will get alerted when you are using headphones for a very long time. This will help you to protect the ears if you are using the headphones for a long time and with full volume keeping your ear safe.

Eye Health: 

Social Fever will also help you to keep your eyes protected. If you are using your smartphone for a long time then you will get notified.

Social Fever is designed to alert you when you are continuously watching the videos, movies, playing games or you are doing something that will give strain on the eyes.

Features that make this application special and smart.

  • Great tracking application that is simple to use.
  • Helps you to set the interest so that you can keep your digital life away and keep doing your favourite activities.
  • Easily set the application tracking usage.
  • Get all the detailed information about the applications usage.
  • Keep your ears and eyes in good health by reminding you about the application usage for music and videos. 
  • Reminds you to stay hydrated.


Social Fever is a simple and great application that will help you to fight smartphone addiction by limiting the application usage. This will help you to track your social media usage and remind you about it so that you can stop using social media for some time and relax your mind.

Social Fever will help you to manage your time effectively and more efficiently.

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