Best Subscription Gift Boxes For Kids In 2021


Subscription boxes are those for which buyers pay monthly. For example, buyers may receive one box of something each month and pay a particular amount for that. Similarly, people may purchase kids’ items on a monthly basis and pay for them once a month. When we talk about the subscription gift boxes with lids for kids in 2021, the following are some of the best options.

Little Passport

This is a unique subscription that you can gift your kids. It can let your children explore the world without heavy prices of airfare. This is an affordable, economical, and fun way to get them to different adventures and help them to expose global benefits. They have different explorer plans for kids ages 3-5 and older children. They have multiple options for everyone. When you sign up for the first month, they will give you an introductory package. After that, they will give you monthly packages. These packages may include everything such as books, experiments, and more. You have a clear choice to pay monthly or choose other packages for which you have to pay after 6 or 12 months. For a 6 or 12 months package, you can save even more.


This is one of the top subscription gift boxes. It provides a variety of options, and customers are highly satisfied with its dealings. They deliver hands-on art or science projects monthly in fun crates. These crates can delight, inspire, or teach essential skills to children. They are offering multiple packages depending upon the age of children. For kids of ages 0-36 months, they have different packages, whereas older children have other options. You can choose any package according to the age of your children. These crates come with resources and essential equipment to complete cool projects in science, geography, engineering, art, and design. These Kiwi crates are so popular that they have won many awards. You may choose their subscription boxes because they are at the top of the list in 2021.

Amazon STEM Toy Club

You can get this subscription box for $19.99/box. They are offering numerous packages such as monthly or others. You may get one box monthly, every two months, or every three months as the name tells the whole story that these boxes come with toys. This is another best gift that you can get to please your kids. This is a box containing STEM-based toys. This is the best choice for kids ages 3-13. When you get it for children of 3-4 years, these STEM toys will only introduce simple and initial concepts such as building and counting. For 5-7 years old, you may get STEM toys for exploring earth science, electricity, and simple math. For 8-13 years old kids, they will be toys based on the principles of physics, engineering, and chemistry.


This is a kids’ clothing subscription box. This is specific for girls of ages 4-16. It comes with many clothes, and you will have to pay only for those clothes that you have kept. The cost for one item is nearly around $13.50. You can avail of 30% discount on keeping all the clothing articles sent by them. In each box, you can get outfits for girls. They don’t charge a styling fee. They send you seven items and give you seven days to try them. In each box, they send a beautiful gift for your kids. You may choose any box according to your preferences, such as one box monthly, or every two months, or any other. This is one of the best options that you can use to please your baby girls.

Panda Pals

This is another kind of box for which you have to pay $16 monthly. This is a monthly sock subscription. Panda Pals sends two pairs of socks for girls and boys of ages 3-8. These are specific socks made of Peruvian cotton. They are highly comfortable. They come with fun designs on them. Their feature is that each pack comes with a decent and small activity. It may be stickers, brainteasers, games, or a craft. Another good thing about Panda Pals is that it donates one pair of socks to the needy for every new subscription. You may also give this gift to your children and win appreciation from them. They would love the fun activity that comes with each package.

Sensory TheraPlay Box

This is a big subscription for which you will have to pay $39.95 with separate shipping charges. You can get discounts for longer commitments as the name shows that it is a box containing toys. This is curated by a pediatric occupational therapist. He took this initiative to encourage therapeutic and fun play. In this box, you will receive a mix of 5-6 activities, textured toys, and crates. This box aims to improve or enhance fine-motor development. All kids can enjoy receiving it. It has been designed with anxiety-prone and high-energy children. This is also designed for children with autism spectrum in mind. This will provide multiple objects for your child. You can see which product your baby engages with. This is also a good gift for your kids.

Kid Wonder Little Dreamer

This is a unique deal that you can purchase for $24.95 monthly with extra shipping charges. This is a kids’ subscription that encourages them to explore, create, and learn. It helps to do this all through dramatic and imaginary play. Each box comes with a new themed assortment of high-quality cards, crafts, activities, books, and storage to keep the contents arranged and organized at home. This is among the best ways to please children and engage them in healthy activities. You may gift this box to your children on their birthday or result day for their excellent result.


This is the best box that you can purchase for $25.99/ two months with separate shipping charges. This box supplies baking projects to children of ages 6 or more. Each box comes with pre-made, high-quality mixes. They don’t have any unnatural ingredients or preservatives. You can get organic things such as all-natural food dyes, heirloom flour, and fair trade chocolate. Everything that comes in this box is kosher, non-GMO, and organic. Their recipes are fun and easy, for example, snowman frosted sugar cookies, little monster cupcakes, firecracker treat pops, and a decorating element. It helps your kids become creative.

We have mentioned different types of the best subscription Gift boxes with lids for kids in 2021. They come with different objects that may be toys, food items, crafts, games, or activities. They can help you please your children. They also come inside beautiful and charming boxes. They are attractive and pretty.