Tabular Cam Lock: The Different Types and Their Uses

Tabular Cam Lock

The Tabular Cam Lock is one of the most widely-used types of cam locks available today. This lock’s design makes it one of the easiest to open and close, and it can be operated with just one hand. However, there are several different types of Tabular Cam Locks that serve different functions, so it’s important to choose the right kind if you need to pick up some new ones. Here are three different types of Tabular Cam Lock and the uses they’re most commonly put to. These locks use an eccentric mechanism to hold the bolt or latch in place until the correct key or code is entered; the Tabular Cam Lock design makes it relatively easy to create new keys, and to replace worn out components as well.

A) A tabular cam lock can be used on a sliding door

A Tabular Cam Lock is a type of door lock that is fitted on the sliding doors, or the doors that slide sideways. The lock can be used on a variety of sliding doors, with the most popular being French windows, garden sheds, and patio doors. These locks are also known to be used on home garage doors. There are two types of these locks; single-point locking system which uses one bolt to secure the door, and double-point locking system which uses two bolts for securing it.

B) Another use of a tabular cam lock is on doors

The tabular cam lock can also be used on doors. When used in conjunction with a cylindrical cam lock, the door is locked. The key must be turned to one side to release the cylindrical cam, which then disengages the Tabular Cam Lock. This type of door is often seen in commercial settings, such as stores and restaurants.

C) A third type of installation where a tabular cam lock can be placed

The third installation type for tabular cam locks is where the lock is installed on a pipe. This is done by placing the cylindrical part of the lock into the pipe, then tightening it down with a wrench. There are multiple types of pipes, but this installation only works on pipes that have an inside diameter between 15-30mm. Tabular cam locks are commonly used in gas pipes because they provide a more tamper proof option.

After you’ve tightened the Tabular Cam Lock into place, you can simply use a wrench to turn it so that it moves to its original position. If you want to remove it at any point in time, just use two wrenches to loosen one side while holding the other still so that they don’t tighten back up.

D) Keyed Alike

The Tabular Cam Lock is a type of cam lock that is often used in the automotive industry. It’s common to see Tabular Cam Locks being used as locks for engine compartments, hoods, doors and trunk lids. The Tabular Cam Lock can also be found on some motorcycle parts and bicycles. They are available in both single-cylinder (lock body) or double-cylinder (lock body) versions. The Tabular Cam Lock works by rotating the wheel around its axis. When it reaches one end, it automatically rotates back to its original position, locking into place.

Tabular Cam Locks have been around since 1896 when they were patented by engineer George Sargent at Stanley Works. Stanley Works later sold them off to Emhart Manufacturing Company who still produces them today.

Emhart Manufacturing Company has continued making the product with relatively few changes since their acquisition of the patent over 100 years ago. During this time span there have been new innovations like keyless entry and automatic door locking mechanisms that use similar principles but rely on different technologies than what is used with a tabular cam lock device.

E) Keyed Differently

Locksmiths use cam locks to secure doors, cabinets, gates and other important items. They are a type of locking mechanism that uses an advanced design that is efficient in its operation. In this post, we will talk about the different types of cam locks used for different purposes.

First, there is the Euro Profile Cam lock which is often used for commercial doors and windows. It provides protection against burglars who attempt to pry open the door or window. It also provides optimum security with anti-theft devices installed in it. Another type of Tabular Cam Lock is the Padlock profile cam lock which is often used by plumbers or carpenters. You can also find some padlocks with dual tabs and they can be opened with a key from either side.

F) RFID Tags in Door Locks

RFID tags in door locks can serve many purposes, with the most common being to act as an electronic key. RFID tags are often embedded into the door lock or put onto a key ring that is used to open the door. This technology has been used primarily in commercial buildings, but it’s starting to grow more popular for use in residential settings. A Tabular Cam Lock does not have any exposed moving parts and generally do not need much maintenance since they do not rust over time. They also offer good security because there is no space between the cam surfaces, which means that they cannot be picked using a tension wrench like other types of locks.

The advantage of this type of lock is how easy it is to install without needing any specialized knowledge or skill set – anyone can fit this type of device by following some simple instructions on YouTube.

G) Access Control Systems

Access control is a system that allows or denies entry to a specific area. It may be to an office, building, school, house, etc. The use of an access control system often involves the use of cards or tags that must be swiped through a reader in order to gain entrance. There are many different types of access control systems out there, but the most common type is called card access. A card access system requires you to swipe your ID badge through a sensor. If you’re authenticated by the ID scanner and your fingerprint matches up with those on file, then you will be granted access. Tabular Cam Lock allow people to enter rooms with their fingerprint instead of their card!