The Purpose and Services provided In Sober Living Homes In Californi

The Purpose and Services provided In Sober Living Homes In Californi
The Purpose and Services provided In Sober Living Homes In Californi

Everyone wishes to live a comfortable life and enjoy the warm company of family and friends. A person may have an excellent job, a house to live and all the luxury and comfort, but financial or marital troubles may make him find it hard to cope with normalcy.

A person on the verge of emotional and mental distress may be tempted to use alcohol or substance as the best solution to his/her troubles and worries. People living in a less affluent part of the city may also be compelled to soothe the distress through drugs or alcohol. It is commonly known that excessive alcohol or drug use is harmful to health and has far-reaching physical, mental, and emotional consequences.

However, the silver lining is that many rehabilitation centers also called ‘rehabs,’ allow a person to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction and regain normal health. The main goal of rehabs is to help patients overcome their addiction and think of a positive and productive life.

What is the purpose of Sober Living Home?

There are different programs offered in rehab, and the duration of the program depends on the extent and severity of the alcohol or drug addiction. A rehab center is a temporary place, and the patient has to complete the program and move on with his/her life.

Once a patient completes the rehab program, he needs a place that can provide a similar environment to the rehab center. Going back to an old neighborhood or house immediately after leaving rehab can trigger old thoughts and stress and persuade a person to go back using drugs or alcohol.

The best option for people to effectively recover from drug and alcohol addiction is ‘sober living home,’ which has become quite popular and is also known as ‘halfway homes.’ A sober living home is where different recovering patients share accommodation and enjoy several facilities and services that include food, television, comfortable furniture, and a peaceful environment.

The purpose of sober living homes in California is to provide a safe transition place and period for those individuals who have completed the rehab program and want to reintroduce themselves to the community. Not every recovering patient lives in an affluent community, and some live-in places where constant taunts and accusations can drive a recovering patient to lose his composure and find solace in alcohol and drugs.

The Services offered in a Sober Living Home

Apart from the neighborhood, the recovering patient can meet with old friends who may still drink alcohol and tempt the person to take a sip, making a person go into relapse again.

The residents have to pay a monthly fee and strictly follow the rules and regulations to live in sober living homes. The numerous features that recovering patient receive in a sober living home is

  • Food

One of the highlights of sober homes is the delicious and savory food. Some of the luxury sober living facilities may also involve a dedicated chef who may cook various food and meals and ask for the residents’ particular choice.

  • Amenities

Apart from the food, the value-added amenities are also a significant feature that the residents enjoy from television, internet connectivity, indoor games, fine home décor, and comfortable furniture.

  • Staff

The sober living homes employ a courteous and efficient staff who take utmost care of the residents. The staff members ensure that every resident gets to enjoy the comfort and luxury provided by the sober living home.

  • Aftercare

The sober living home is not a place to settle down and rest, but the recovering patients are given several options they want to pursue, such as completing their education or looking for a job. The residents are also given the option to participate in counseling sessions and share their thoughts and opinions.

How Sober Living Homes have become so popular

A person recovering from addiction is walking on a tightrope and needs every support and encouragement he/she can get as one small misstep can result in relapse. The surrounding environment plays a key part in helping recovering patients see hope and light after spending time in the depths and darkness of alcohol and drug addiction.

Some of the patients may have a stable home environment to move directly to their homes after completing the rehab program. On the contrary, those not having a positive home surrounding may need a sober living home to get the support needed to make a healthy recovery.

The Rules Residents have to Follow

Sober living homes follow a distinctive structure and plan that allows the recovering patient to settle easily and not worry about being a stranger in a new environment. The residents have to adhere to specific rules that may include

  • Keeping the living spaces clean and performing different chores. Some of the errands include disposing of the trash, making dinner, and cleaning the rooms. A schedule is made, and each resident is assigned a duty so that the responsibilities can be shared and no one can complain to do the work alone.
  • A house meeting is held every week, and each of the residents is supposed to attend it
  • Each resident has to comply with random tests that may indicate if an individual has taken drug or alcohol recently
  • If any individual is outside for the day, then he/she must return within the designated time. The individual also has to sign in and sign out and let other residents know where he/she is going.


Without administering the rules, it is quite difficult to manage sober living homes to ensure that the individuals maintain sobriety. Suppose any resident is caught using or with possession of drugs or alcohol. In that case, the management can decide to take away the privileges and even ask the individual to leave the sober living home.

Life inside the sober living home is quite a relaxed and comfortable one. A group of residents can go to an amusement park, museum, or cinema to watch a movie. The family and friends of the residents are also allowed to come and visit the residents in sober living homes.