Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding

Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding
Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding

Weddings are an emotional moment for parents, more so in the case of a daughter. Getting the daughter married means she will stop being their little girl and will move out of the house to start her own family. Once you have found a companion through one of the matrimonial sites or through common friends, it is just a countdown to when you will leave your childhood home to begin your own family in another home with your life partner. 

So, if you are a bride-to-be then don’t miss out on the opportunity of spending some quality time with your mother. The calendar might be full with wedding preparation appointments but there is no time better than now to make a list of activities you can do with your Mom. 

Here are a few that you can use: 

1. Go away on a vacation

Plan a vacation with Mommy dearest to a place you have always wanted to visit. It could be a road trip for a weekend getaway, a relaxing trip to Pondicherry or simply whisking away to a picturesque international destination. Do not forget to click loads of pictures together for your social media. This could turn into a holiday of a lifetime. It will be a great way to spend time with your mother before you get married and busy with your new life.

Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding

2. Learn something new 

Join a class together. It could be anything – cooking, dancing, languages, etc. It will be moments to be cherished forever. Besides, the fact that you both picked up a new skill together will only deepen your bond.

Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding
Things to do with your Mom just before your wedding

3. Do a special number together at your wedding

There is one song that every mother is bound to do with her daughter – Navrai maajhi laadachi. Looking at both of you dance on this number is bound to have someone shed a tear for sure. 

4. Recreate pictures from your childhood

Sit an entire afternoon with your mother to go through old family albums. Pick out the ones that have just you and your Mom. Spend the rest of the day and probably the day after that to recreate those old memories. Try and find the same clothes and click them in the same pose as the pictures. It will be a fun activity to indulge in. 

5. Spend an afternoon at the salon

When was the last time you went to a salon with your mother and simply relaxed together? Make a day of it and get manicures, pedicures, hair spa treatments and massages together. You will feel yourself relaxing while you both catch up on gossip or debate over which one is a better actor – Rajkumar Rao or Ranveer Singh.

Try and keep the conversation about anything but the wedding affairs. Bask in the company of your mother and absorb all the wisdom that she has collected over the years. They are sure to come in handy after your wedding. 

It is not like you go from choosing a partner from matrimonial sites to a wedding and then completely cutting off with your mother. Of course, she will continue to be a big part of your life. But things will be a little different. You may not get to hear those words again that you took for granted as a kid – Uth ja, subah ho gayi! So take this list, and add some more along the way.