Top 6 beautiful places in Boston


Including the beautiful city of Boston in your itinerary is not a bad idea. Think about it once, guys!!! A great city for families, with plenty of kid-friendly restaurants, luminescent malls, and great open spaces, Boston is also known for its splendid attractions. Visitors get apprehended by charming marvels, reflecting through its centuries-old buildings, and plazas. 

One of the most visited cities in the United States; Boston has some great achievements too, as its home to America’s first large free municipal public library, the first public park, and the first public school. 

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Boston Freedom Trail

How about feeling the immense goodness of walking along with the paved ways of Boston’s Freedom Trail? Isn’t that exciting? Yes? Then plan a journey with your close ones. Stretching 2½ miles, the Freedom Trail is a paved way that will lead you to 16 of the city’s principal historic monuments and sites. Visitors love to take pictures around the trail and learn about the history of Boston, affordably. Walking the trail is free, though some attractions along the trail have a small admission fee.

Faneuil Hall

A good family destination, Faneuil Hall lures many visitors round the year. The site was built in 1740-42 by Huguenot merchant Peter Faneuil as a market hall, but on a condition that it should remain open to the public; till date, it is popular among outsiders and locals too. You will find its deep connection with regional politics as some renowned American revolutionaries such as Samuel Adams and Jonathan Mayhew are connected with it. Its main catch, you will see street performers and buskers, along with numerous food stalls; shops selling jewelry, clothing, gifts, and souvenirs, all will grab your attention.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Appreciated among plant lovers, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has a stunning collection that will take your heart and soul away. Strolling through the green courtyard filled with flowering plants and fountains, you will find spectacular displays of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, furniture, tapestries, books, and manuscripts straight from Europe. Families love to take pictures of this amazing collection and cherish those memories for life. Aren’t you excited, folks? Then plan your vacation to this spot. 


Almost every individual on this Earth has heard of Harvard University, no? You’ve heard about it, right? Then why not grab an exciting opportunity to walk into its wide hallways that reflect a sense of peculiarity. Visitors can have access to stroll around the Harvard Yard, which is filled with shops, bookstores, ice-cream parlors; take some note of the historic collections at Harvard Art Museums, which include the Fogg Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Museum, and Busch-Reisinger Museum, within its walls. 

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Can you recall the historic night of December 16, 1773, which flamed the idea of the American Revolution? Yes, guys!!! That night is remembered as the Boston tea party, where a group of 60 American colonists threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor in opposition to tea tax and monopoly of the East India Company. Costumed historical interpreters will take you through the Museum and familiarize you with the artifacts that are preserved there. If you are ready to go, make a plan and reserve tickets through the Allegiant Airlines Flight Booking portal. 

New England Aquarium

Take your kids to the New England Aquarium, which features more than 20,000 fish and aquatic animals representing over 550 species. A great place to watch the marine life while walking around the aquarium, enclosed in a giant circular tank. One of the top attractions for families and animal lovers, this aquarium showcases a large variety of tropical fish and underwater life including sharks, turtles, and moray eels. The aquarium hosts several events, educational exhibitions, school tours, and much more. 

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