10 Top Tips For Eating Less The Easy Way


If you’re struggling at the moment, it’s possible you’re blood sugar levels are slightly out of whack and that the microbes in your gut are not in equilibrium, and your blood sugar levels are high while your energy level is low. It’s probable that you feel sluggish and want to change your lifestyle has been result of your lifestyle, the choices you’ve made about the food you eat and the type of exercises you’ve been (or not been) been doing.

At Team Raw Energy we’ve come up with a few simple methods to help you consume less food but they’re not what you’d think. What we’ll give you is a bit of clever, but also effective (and scientifically proven) and (the most appealing aspect) easy to follow. It’s just how we like it! There is evidence to suggest that altering the environmental and other cues can assist you in eating less. You don’t even need willpower to achieve this.

To make sure you don’t have to go through the information We’ve compiled 10 tips that will ensure you can reduce your food intake by doing it the easy way.

1. Take the snacks out of your desk or wherever you sit, even if they’re on another person’s desk, place them in your car or place them in your kitchen. Research suggests that you be less hungry if you have to eat food since the act of going to it gives you a chance to consider whether you truly desire it. Take the food off at your workstation.

2. Place food items in containers that you aren’t able to see. If someone is bringing snacks to work research has shown that people were less likely to eat them when they were placed inside a container you could not see through (as contrast to, say transparent plastic). We found this to be a bit odd however it has been proven to be effective in research, so why not try it!

3. At the time of dinner, serve the main course of the meal directly onto plates and then set it on the table. Women ate 10% less Men consumed 29% less the time they ate at the table in bowls. In the event of a major change, then put the veggies or salad on the tables alone you are allowed to take more vegetables!

4. Find a person who eats slow and then sit down with them! Research has shown that people mirror one another. If you are sitting close to those who eat slowly, you’ll eat less food and follow their pace which is good for digestion. People also ate more when they were alone and so, it is advisable to make sure to have a lunch companion If you are able, even if it’s only every couple of days!

5. Smaller bowls, plates, and mugs can be used. Smaller containers for food can mean that you eat less, but you’ll feel more satisfied. One study offered people a soup bowl that auto-refills and they ate 73% more food in one meal. The trick is to fool the brain.

6. Beware of healthy foods. It may be labeled healthy but it can be loaded with tons of calories. Just “they believe that because they’re eating something that’s not exactly the same as real food and they should be treated a less. Our research shows that most people believe that a low-fat variant of an item has 40% less calories. They believe that they’re being extremely good-hearted, and they tend to eat more. However, we discovered snacks classified as low-fat contain just 11 percent less calories than normal varieties.”

7. Do not fall for the trap. We mean that you’re smart and you’ll rationalize the reason for eating more easily and consume less of the raw energy you’re going to do and frequently decide that you deserve an indulgence’. For instance, you are in front of the television during a weekend evening, and take a bite of crisps from a huge bowl right on your lap because you are worthy of it.

The team at Raw Energy would like to recommend that you purchase sweet treats that are not food items.

Utilizing your smartphone apps to distract yourself from food can be used to reward yourself. Make a”treats/rewards” Amazon list of things that you’d like to have and you could also go through a you Tube Video or send a sweet message to someone else; read a chapter from the book, or make an call. Consider these as guilty pleasures, instead of food.

8. Make sure you have healthy foods at the front. You’re more likely to snack on this in a time of need instead of having to go to the back of your cupboard to find chocolate. We’re a little lazy, we know.

9. Purchase food items in mini-packs. If you’re planning to buy snacks, you should buy them in smaller, sealed packs. You’re more likely to receive a single pack of biscuits packaged in two packs and you’ll consume just two biscuits, instead of getting all of the packets out. It might be somewhat more expensive but your health isn’t a price.

10. Take all of the small victories and evaluate your progress – one percent improvement in any field is much better than nothing. If you can add smaller plates or containers, food items packaged in smaller packages or food that is further away or in the back of the pantry, it’s an impressive win in complete. The amazing TED presentation instead having sweets as a treat placing only veggies at the dining table examining the label, as well as locating someone who eats slow are all very easy to do and can contribute towards your success.