Trails Carolina: What Is Equine Programming?

Trails Carolina utilizes Equine Programming and other activities to help its students succeed.

Many students at Trails Carolina have found opportunities to grow by building relationships with other students in the program. Equine Programming is a way students can learn healthy communication skills that can enhance their relationships with others.

The goal of developing these relationships is that it can lead to better connections with family, friends, and other peers back home. Students in this program have seen a positive impact on their mental health.

Let’s look into Equine Programming and how it works. 

Excelling in Nonverbal Communication

Through Equine Programming, students can build relationships with horses through nonverbal communication to make a worthwhile connection. One of the great things about horses is that they can tell even the slightest changes in emotional feelings. 

During this program, students receive insight into how to communicate with horses. It also allows the Trails Carolina staff to help each student individually. Each student can go at their own pace and set goals for themselves.

Emotion Regulation

Students can learn ways to balance out their emotions through calming exercises that, in turn, also help the horse stay calm. Emotional regulation seems to be much easier for most students around horses. 

Students learn to regulate their emotions and respond to the horse, which also benefits interactions with peers and resolving conflicted feelings. Many students come into the Equine Program not knowing what to expect but end up leaving feeling better about themselves with friendships that helped them along the way.

Unconditional Love

Animals can be extraordinary in their ability to love unconditionally. Students at Trails Carolina will quickly see the benefits of building a connection with horses. They also start to learn about themselves by developing new ways to communicate.

Building relationships with horses is excellent for keeping up with mental health. Horses are brilliant animals with a great sense of emotions that help students build healthy relationships with the animals and the people around them.

Physical Activity

There’s something to be said for getting out and enjoying the activities at Trails Carolina. The whole basis is to have different activities that can open up the minds of its students more and more. Exploring everything offered in this part of North Carolina or interacting with horses helps students stay as active as possible.

Physical activity can also be a stress reliever and a way to clear the mind. Not only that, but it is an excellent way for students to get physically fit. A healthier body leads to a healthier mind.

No Experience Needed

Trails Carolina ensures that every single student interested in Equine Programming has the opportunity to see what it’s all about. Working with horses can be a complicated form of therapy due to the cost of keeping healthy horses nearby. 

Trails Carolina started equine programming years back and is only growing in popularity. It now stands as one of the top adventure programs offered by the organization. Many parents are eager to see how their teen reacts to Equine Programming.

Additional Adventure Therapy Programs

Students have the opportunity to be a part of several activities and wilderness adventures. Each program has a purpose related to everyday life designed to help students excel at being someone their parents (and themselves) would be proud of.

The Equine Program is slightly different in that it’s not so much about the exploration process as the interaction with an animal. 

Why Trails Carolina Offers Equine Programming

It’s hard to argue with the results Trails Carolina has experienced with equine programming. They know that it can help students overcome struggles and connect with people. 

It might not seem simple at first, but students can naturally transfer communication skills from connecting to a horse and connecting to a peer. Students also have field instructors and therapists who can help them along the way.

Each wilderness therapy program has its approach to helping students find success. It might not always work for every student, but those who love animals will find the Equine Program at Trails Carolina very enjoyable. Slowly but surely, this can help students get out of their shells and feel more confident overall.

Are you interested in learning more about Trails Carolina? Curious about its approach to therapy? 

You can find answers to some of the most common questions on their website. It also provides plenty of pictures and videos so families know what to expect when their student arrives. 

One of the biggest problems people have when sending their children off to a therapy program is feeling confident they will be helped in the best way possible. A proven track record and pictures to see how day-to-day life goes (including equine programming) help make the right decision for your teen.