Trails Carolina: What They Have to Offer and How They Can Help Your Teen

Trails Carolina is helping teens connect with their families through wilderness therapy.

Teenagers all across the United States face their own needs and challenges. Some teenagers are fine going through traditional school academically, emotionally, and socially. Others may need help along the way.

That’s where residential treatment centers like Trails Carolina can step in and provide services that have helped many students. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, it’s a much different setting than most teenagers are used to on a day-to-day basis. 

What can families expect from their teenagers at Trails Carolina? According to their website, their services have proven to help teens cope with anxiety, depression and become mentally healthier overall.

What is Trails Carolina?

They are a wilderness therapy program striving to help families reconnect and heal. Over time, they can thrive again thanks to the positive outcomes their program has provided.

Many teenagers come in with unique challenges, and a custom plan is crafted to ensure everyone gets the help they need. Each student is assessed throughout their stay, ensuring they are on the best path for them individually. 

The Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program provides teenagers with a unique setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to focus on what they need to get back on track. 


Admissions are handled by the dedicated admissions team. They understand that for many parents, wilderness therapy is a big step and large commitment. In fact, it could be the first time a student plans to go away for extra help.

The admissions team understands this and helps provide all the necessary assistance to make the process as smooth as possible. If a parent has any questions or concerns, they can contact the admissions team for further clarification.

What Makes Trail Carolina Different?

As a wilderness therapy program, Trails Carolina is already pretty unique. There aren’t many wilderness therapy programs in the United States, and they have been a leader in helping teens become the best versions of themselves.

After years of success, the team continues to set higher goals to help their students as much as possible. With alumni success rates at an all-time high, they show just how different they are.

Group Therapy

Different groups exist for students at Trails Carolina. They are separated, by gender and age, into 10-13 and 14-17 groups. 

Keeping students around the same age allows for better focus on particular challenges. It also increases the likelihood of creating friendships along the way. Smaller group sizes help the staff provide more individual therapy as well.

Support for the Entire Family

People may think that wilderness therapy programs only benefit the individual. However, Trails Carolina strives to connect the student to their family by providing an integrated parent and family program that keeps up with a student’s progress.

This will include on-site workshops to go through the same thing a child is learning. A therapist can help out in creating healthy communication and better relationships overall.

The whole family benefits when their teen is thriving.

Full Academic Support

Parents may worry about their teens getting behind on the academic side of things. But Trails Carolina has an accredited academic program available for their students. 

They get the opportunity to work with certified teachers to either maintain, develop, or catch up on skills. A student can excel in therapy, but if they aren’t gaining academic confidence, they aren’t going to see well-rounded success.

Positive Results

Alumni continue to come back and share their stories while they attended Trails Carolina. 

Not only can students and parents create major change, but they also improve their ability to express their emotions in a meaningful way. This leads to a much better family dynamic once returning home.

Does Trails Carolina Help Teens Grow in a Positive Manner?

Even the best therapeutic options don’t have a 100% success rate. With that said, they have done an outstanding job helping teenagers deal with various issues. 

Some students come from across the country to attend Trails Carolina. The results can change life for the better, which is priceless in the end.

They ensure that the entire experience for every teenager aims towards a better life later on. Finding the right therapy for a struggling teen can be challenging, but teenagers have been finding success since 2008 at Trails Carolina.

Parents and students should feel confident in Trails Carolina. Families can visit the campus beforehand and have a chance to see what a typical day is like for all involved.