Try These Enterprise SEO Techniques For 2021

SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO brings with it an array of challenges and opportunities for enterprises around the world. They do bring more competition and give the companies a chance to have better access to a much larger audience. It is upon you to take advantage and grow yourself along with your company’s amount of sales, that too in a short period.

SEO has gone through an immense transformation in recent years. It is becoming more and more competitive to remain on the field. So we have brought some SEO techniques for enterprises to use in 2021, as suggested by SEO consultants in Singapore. They will help you achieve your SEO goals as you had wished for. Read on to know what these techniques are and how to take full benefit of the same.  

1.   Adopt voice SEO

Voice technology has improved dramatically in recent times, with around 27% of the online global population using voice search on mobile phones, as per Google reports. Voice searches provide users with the top results, unlike non-voice searches, where you get a complete search engine result page. This major digital trend should be played well for enterprises to attract the highest inbound traffic. Look for an SEO agency in Singaporethat can help in voice search optimization for the users.

2.   Target striking distance keywords

Another important technique from the SEO experts in Singapore, striking distance keywords, refer to those keywords that tend to help you reach the top of Page one with time and not immediately. This is helpful as it showers you the opportunity with better visibility, conversions and increased traffic. Even though the keyword is not at the top of Google SERPs, it can let you revisit older content, optimize the meta, and add new links, which is a bit of time.

3.   Internal and external linking

Internal links help gain better and longer engagement with your website while encouraging viewers to become your customer or follower. These easily accessible links enhance the authority of your website and web pages and prompt viewers to read more about a topic, connect with you or schedule an appointment with you. Similarly, backlinks or external links prove the value of your content and are a great way to reach out and make connections. A professional SEO consultant in Singaporeis well versed in the internal and external backlinking process.

4.   Leverage outreach

Leveraging outreach is possible through backlinks, putting your brand front-and-centre and increasing your word-of-mouth recommendations. Growing your backlink profile can earn you better business traffic, while the other approaches can bring you ahead of your competitors. All you need to do is research your audience’s preferred news sources and connect with them for personalised promotion.

5.   Go after featured snippets

Going after featured snippets is one of the best ways to earn website traffic, sales, leads and market share. That is why targeting and winning featured snippets holds utmost importance. As per some facts and figures, around fifty per cent of searches include featured snippets, while forty-one per cent of questions have them. Start with the use of tables and short paragraphs, dedicated headings for the featured snippets, and making Google snip your featured snippet.

6.   Expand Your Content

Enjoy benefits such as good user experience and higher domain authority with content expansion. It will get you better engagement metrics along with better visibility and more traffic. When you have striking distance keywords, use the same to expand pages with less quality content or not at all present.

7.   Using Structured Data

Structured data is better understood by Google, further giving you better traffic, rich results, and higher click-through rates. Expert SEO consultants in Singapore suggest using all of these techniques to give tough competition to other industry enterprises.