The 16 Vedic Astrology Charts Why Are They Important?


It’s universal; people are generally curious about what the future holds for them. This is when they turn to Astrology. When it comes to astrology, people have long used and relied upon the traditional Indian astrology system of Vedic Astrology. Essentially, Vedic Astrology studies the patterns of different planets at the time of our birth.

This is a science that India’s ancient Rishis (sages) practiced. This study teaches us about life, relationships, and destiny. An accurate analysis of the planetary configuration will provide more information about what the future holds for us. A birth chart is created based on the date of birth, time, and location, and it is simple to study the horoscope with various types of charts.

A chart is essentially a part of the horoscope and is known as a Divisional Chart or Vargas. Divisional charts can show us the planets’ exact positions and work out the details of longitudes and planet alignment. According to the Vedic system, divisional charts play an increasingly important role in horoscope analysis in astrology. The Vargas is the key to making accurate predictions and delineating a horoscope for a thorough examination.

There are a total of 16 Divisional Charts, also known as Shodashvarga. Let’s take a look at the different Vedic Astrology charts and learn what each one represents:

Rashi Chart/Natal Chart (D-1) – This is the fundamental chart, which provides information about a person’s physical appearance as well as all of their basic life characteristics.

Hora Chart (D-2) – This chart would aid in understanding the individual’s wealth and financial situation. All your money matters will be studied in this chart.

Dreshkana (D-3) – This chart would show us information about the siblings, the happiness the person gets from them, and their life expectancy.

Chaturamsha (D-4) – This chart will assist us in learning about the person’s property, fortune, mother, and assets.

Saptamsa (D-7) – This chart tells us about a person’s ability to reproduce, children, grandchildren.

Navamsa (D-9) – This is one of the most important charts because it tells us about married life, the spouse, spiritual progress, and general luck. This is the most commonly used method because it provides us with the most information about a person.

Dashamsa D-10 – This divisional chart would indicate a person’s career, fame, social status, power, authority, work, and occupation, among other things.

Dwadasamsa (D-12) – This chart can reveal parents’ health and life expectancy. It could also tell us if the person is predisposed to inheritable diseases.

Shodasamsa (D-16) – This chart depicts the types of vehicles a person would own, accidents, and happiness associated with material possessions.

Vimshamsa (D-20) – This chart would tell us about worship and a person’s spiritual progress.

Chaturvimshamsa (D-24) – This divisional chart gives us details about a person’s learning, education, academic progress, and accomplishments.

Saptavimshamsa (D-27) – This chart would reveal the person’s physical strength, weaknesses, and stamina.

Trimshamsha (D-30) – This chart would show a person’s happiness, misfortune, miseries, evils, and difficulties in life.

Khavedamsa (D-40) – This chart shows us the horoscope’s favorable and unfavorable effects on our lives. This also reveals luck and legacy from the maternal side of the family.

Akshvedamsa (D-45) – This chart provides insight into an individual’s personality and how they conduct themselves in their life. It looks into love, health, career, money, name, fame, children, and so on, as well as religion or dharma. This chart also indicates whether or not there is luck and legacy from the paternal side of the family.

Shastiamsa (D-60) – This chart shows our past lives’ karmas and the consequences of our good and bad deeds. It explains why certain events in a person’s life take place.

Isn’t Vedic Astrology an enthralling way to learn about the deepest secrets of our lives? These divisional charts are a window into every aspect of our lives, allowing us to clearly and precisely understand ourselves, our families, relationships, and all other aspects of our lives in general. Even though divisional charts are a complex subject, they provide incredible insight into our lives. But you don’t have to worry, as expert Indian Astrologers can help you decipher the meanings. If you want to learn more about your astrology charts and how they affect your life, talk to astrologers for insights.