Virtual Numbers: The Perfect Virtual Assistant for your business

Virtual Numbers

The human race has advanced by leaps and bounds in the field of technology. We as a community have left behind the old ways of communication. In fact, we are even going beyond the conventional smartphone age and heading towards an era where satellite and cloud communication have become most important. Using the cloud, better technology like the virtual mobile number system keeps growing. A virtual mobile number is a cloud-based number used for transferring the customer’s calls to the preferred agents as per the requirement. Let’s dive into this topic and understand all benefits and features it has on offer:

Virtual Mobile Number

A Virtual Mobile number is a cloud-based number that redirects incoming calls by the customers to the preferred agents in order to resolve the consumer queries. It can be easily understood as geographical numbers that are hosted on cloud servers without their physical presence. They redirect the calls to a dedicated service number without having any physical setup.

Virtual numbers vanish the requirement of a cell phone tower or any specific device. Instead of the infrastructures, these numbers use internet connection and cloud technology. Thereby, intelligently routing calls and voicemails to the person even when they are travelling! Businesses can use local and international virtual business numbers to expand their market reach. This is specifically beneficial for the companies and businesses that use telephonic conversations.

Benefits of Virtual Mobile Number

The experiences of a caller with a Virtual number are like the usual phone calls. However, there are many benefits to it. Visit Marketnow: Pakistan Online Wholesale MarketPlace Where you find all types of products. 

  1. Higher conversion rate

Virtual mobile numbers make it easy to track every customer call to the call centres and vice versa. Such calls are a potential business opportunity and also increase the engagement to drive more conversion.

  1. Identify quality leads

With the help of this technology, it is easy to classify and nurture all quality edges. This in turn reduces the churn rate and gives smooth customer engagement.

  1. Be omnipresent

The virtual mobile number makes one omnipresent. It forwards all customer calls to agents’ mobile numbers, as well as landline, and helps them manage business calls from any location, even when on the go!

  1. Number masking

The virtual number has no physical presence thus ensuring customer secrecy. Also, there is zero leakage of the lead with its number masking solution. Here, the customer and agent details are hidden during a live call.

  1. Optimize operational efficiency

This technology makes operations very easy. It routes the customer calls to the specific agents based on their availability, caller’s history, and location. As a result, the efficiency of the operations also increases.

  1. Real-time data insights

With a virtual number as an aid, actionable data insights can be received on call performance, with call logs to improve customer engagement and estimate the performance of agents.

Features of Virtual Mobile Number

The present fast-paced world asks for advancement and ease of doing work. To ensure all of this actually happens, the virtual mobile numbers come with plenty of features.

  • IVR

By using the IVR, the virtual mobile number can be used as a virtual assistant that eases the process of communication. It can ease answering every customer’s query with its multi-level list to set immediate communication with the client. The IVR also provides multilingual support, i.e., it can be accessed in many languages like English, Hindi, and other regional languages.

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  • Call Recording and Routing

It can be used to record real-time inbound and outbound calls to listen to them later and also maintain quality standards.The virtual number also allows call routing enabling the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call directs to the free agents and reduces the customer’s wait time.

  • Concurrent Calls

One of the most important features of virtual numbers is that it allows concurrent calls. Using this, one can respond to an unlimited number of concurrent calls made by the customers to the call-centres and vice versa which enhances the agent’s performance.

  • International Numbers

Virtual numbers can be made for multiple countries to optimize business operations globally.

The biggest asset of using virtual mobile numbers is the accessibility of cloud technology. This allows the user to drift away from local storage solutions, and the cloud enables businesses to access and retrieve information from the online servers.

The need to stay ahead in the market and the race to supremacy will continue in the present world. It is all about being the one to use money and efforts wisely. For this purpose, the CLI virtual numbers are growing their popularity as they tend to ease the entire process of communication. The cloud-based solution saves time and money by decreasing the number of hardware and agents needed and by increasing their efficiency. Hence, it is an excellent companion for the proper business growth of any company.