Volkswagen Launches 2022 Taos to Compete in Small SUV Segment


To compete in the small SUV segment, Volkswagen has launched 2022 Taos, which is an incredible car.It has a sleek design that is quite attractive and a few specific desirable features it has, which will make it one of the best-selling vehicles in the small SUV category. You can book it from Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino after your satisfying test drive. However, for now, you can go through the details first!

Ideal powertrain for everyday usage on city roads

Volkswagen decided to put a 1.5L turbocharged engine under Taos’ hood. This four-cylinder engine can deliver 158 ponies and torque of 184 lb-ft. The FWD drivetrain will come paired with an automatic eight-speed while the AWD drivetrain trims are mated with an automatic seven-speed dual-clutch option.

Moreover, VW decided that the FWD and AWD trims will have different back suspensions. The front-drive option gets torsion-beam rear suspension setup while the AWD uses a multilink system.

Standard wheels are 17-inch while people are given a choice to opt for either an 18-inch or 19-inch option if preferred. It offers a distinct composure on-road and is known to provide a superior ride quality that some of the vehicles in this segment miss significantly.

If you are interested in knowing about the fuel economy of this vehicle, then you need to visit San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership. Though Volkswagen nor the EPA has released mileage data, at least from salespeople in a dealership you can get an estimate about it.

Cabin and interior

Though there is no distinct look for the interior, it still looks comfortable and classy. The design of Taos’ interior sports as well as materials used delivers modern aesthetics that are available in several VW automobiles.

A digitized gauge cluster along with a two-tone seat is standard for all Taos. Upholstery is available in leather or leatherette according to trim level one needs. Also, there are tailored ambient interior lighting along with climate control, ventilated seats, sunroof, and more. Also, its cabin provides substantial space for sitting comfortably and leg stretching.

In addition, cargo space offered is 28 cubic feet before folding seats and 66 cubic feet if rear seat is folded. Also, a smooth infotainment system is equipped along with a wireless charging option, BeatsAudio speaker system, and more that aids in making it attractive to all.

Choices available

Taos comes in three trims, which start from S trim which costs $24,190. The SE variant costs $28,440 and SEL is priced at $32,685. Most people are booking for the SEL version; however, the SE trim is also good and comes with ample features. However, it is better to get the SEL variant and enjoy the comprehensive set of features that will make every ride fun and satisfying.

This is a remarkable vehicle that VW has launched to get into the small SUV market. Though there are plenty of options when it comes to small SUVs, the 2022 Volkswagen Taos is without a doubt one of the best choices that you can opt for. So, hurry and check this car out!