Want To Maintain Good Oral Health? Avoid These Habits First

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Taking care of your oral health requires effort and it is more than just brushing and flossing. There are many factors that you must consider if you want to enjoy good oral health with sparkly white teeth. With this said, today we’re going to discuss some habits that greatly damage and sabotage your dental health. Even the experts from the best dental clinic in Dubai have mentioned these habits as they can greatly damage your teeth.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy good oral hygiene avoid these habits.

Don’t Use Teeth as a Tool

Using your teeth as a tool is a very common practice and we all are used to it. From opening cans to tearing packages even opening bottles, we all have been using our teeth as tools for ages. Using your teeth like this may seem convenient but it can cause chipping, fracturing and even long-term damage to your teeth.

Not Replacing Your Toothbrush

A common mistake that most people make is that they use the same toothbrush for too long. As per dental experts and oral hygienists, the maximum time for which you can use a toothbrush is three months. However, the majority of people don’t change their toothbrushes even after a period of three months. Over time, the effectiveness of a brush weakens and it becomes home to bacteria, thus leading to tooth decay.

Using Your Teeth to Break Ice

Another common mistake that many people make is that they break or crush the ice with their teeth. We know that chomping ice feels refreshing and soothing but it can produce microscopic cracks in your teeth. With the passage of time, these cracks can deepen and widen, causing additional dental damage.

Use Hard Toothbrush

Some people have the misconception that the tighter or harder the brush, the cleaner the teeth will be. On the contrary, studies have shown that a toothbrush having hard bristles can damage your teeth rather than cleaning it. A brush with hard bristles will damage your enamel and gums causing sensitivity of teeth. Therefore, if you want to avoid such dental problems it’s always wise to choose a medium hard that will clean your teeth but won’t cause sensitivity.

Eating Too Many Sugary Foods

We love to eat sugary treats and chocolates. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate, however, no one can deny the fact that it causes tooth decay. The reason behind this is that the sugar in the sweet sticks to your teeth causing the decay of the tooth. The best way to avoid damage caused by these sweets is by eating them with your meals instead of separately. When you’re eating meals, your mouth produces more saliva to soften the food. This saliva will also help in washing the sugar of sweets off your teeth and will eventually hinder tooth decay.

Intaking Soda, Wine and Energy Drinks

Just like candies, sweets and chocolates, drinking too much soda, wine and even sports drinks can damage your teeth. All of these drinks contain humongous amounts of sugar in them that will lead to tooth decay. But that’s not all the acid in wines and sodas also damages the enamel of your teeth. So, if you’re a fan of fizzy drinks you must switch to sugar-free alternatives if you want to protect your teeth.    

Chewing on Hard Items

Another common bad habit that most people have is that they tend to chew on hard objects. Many people go for adapters like chewing on pens, hard metals can eventually lead to damaging your teeth. These practices are far more damaging than one might perceive as they can permanently damage the shape of your teeth. The only way left for the person for restoring their original teeth shape is by undergoing maxillo-facial surgery.

Likewise, chomping on pencils can cause cracking and chipping of your teeth and will also cause sensitivity of teeth. If you have a habit of chewing on stuff then the best way of protecting your teeth is by switching to something less harmful. Therefore, the most convenient option for you is to switch to sugarless gum. This way you will be able to satisfy your chewing urge without damaging your teeth.

These are some of the bad habits that one should avoid if you want to enjoy old oral health for a long time.