Ways To Propose your Boy Friend


You know it, he knows it and it’s time for everyone to know. Here are the most original (and romantic) ideas to ask your boyfriend to marry you. Surprise him with an unforgettable proposal! In this article you will find everything you need.

Women not only ask for marriage: they also make the most original proposals. Prepare your evening dress, a big surprise and short love thoughts. If you are already fully prepared to take the first step down the aisle, all you have to do is take the initiative. These irresistible proposals for him will make you sigh and will be a memory inspiring. When you write down your thoughts of love, don’t forget to ask the big question at the end! And then you can give a romantic surprise gifts for your friend.

1. A trip to the past

Your marriage proposal will be even more emotional if you keep in mind the whole love story that unites you. From the first kiss to the first trip they made together, prepare for your boyfriend a walk through his most significant moments.

2. Give the question a special format

The most emotional proposals begin by recapitulating the most intimate of the person asking the question. So that you don’t forget anything and if you think they can win over your nerves, use a different medium. You can compose a song or write a letter full of thoughts of love for your boyfriend in which you tell him everything that has led you to this moment so important. To increase the suspense until you reach the question, write several notes with special messages. Also you can arrange some surprise gifts for your lovers.

3. In a romantic setting

The classics never fail many couples get engaged in nature because there is nothing more romantic than a landscape, a sunset and the most special company. If yours is the pure romance, organize a picnic or a walk on the beach. When the time comes, that is, when you can no longer control your nerves, ask the question! It will be super special if you tell it to heard, even in the vastness of nature.

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4. On the way to adventure

Get away from the everyday and escape together on the journey that will change your life. Plan a romantic getaway or an intimate walk for the two of you. The condition is that at least a few how many kilometers from your home. They can visit a destination where they had great moments, their favorite place or a completely new one.

A spa, a Magical Town, a beach, an exotic place … In the middle of the walk or at a special moment, ask him if he is ready to look for the wedding suit. Above all, if you already You have the engagement watch to seal the proposal. So you can agree to your boyfriend by these best options of proposal.

5. A magical evening

The ideal proposal may be the simplest: an evening at home may be perfect to seal your love pact. If you love to cook, this is the best time to prepare your boyfriend’s favorite food; If not, order a special delivery from your favorite restaurant. They can also prepare a dish together and, without him suspecting it, in a clueless, hides a note with the proposal. It will be the secret ingredient!

If there is something that your boyfriend has always wanted to try, but has never made the time for it, such as going for a run, practicing stunts or learning to dance, join him and support him in his concerns! At the end of the session or when he has reached a goal, congratulate him and make the proposal. This will not only be a great surprise, but a nice way to get closer and even. It could become the symbol of the wedding also with some exciting surprise gifts for marriages.

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