What Trails Carolina’s Academic Program Has To Offer

Trails Carolina provides their students with an academic program tailored to each student's needs.

The Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program is mainly known for their therapeutic support for teens and adults ranging from 10 to 17 years old. The program has great success stories to show it. Students enrolling may need that extra assistance to make positive life changes.

While on campus and going through a program like Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy, a student can also be helped with the academic side. Trails Carolina does this so their students don’t fall behind in school.

What makes Trails Carolina different academically? Like every other aspect of the program, the common themes of variety and adaptability can help make studying enjoyable.

Classroom Learning

Having a traditional setup helps mimic classrooms back home, allowing additional time and focus on specific topics if necessary. Students struggling with academics can become frustrated in a hurry which is why individualized care can help in these situations. 

A team of teachers keeps the classroom balance needed. Taking the time to help each individual shows students how committed Trails Carolina is to classroom learning.

Proper Accreditation

Trails Carolina is formally known as having a Cognia accredited academic program. This allows students to get the opportunity to transfer credits they earn back home, also giving families a good idea of how seriously they treat academics at Trails Carolina.

Instead of feeling like a standalone part of the day, the entire academic curriculum is thoroughly integrated into the therapeutic side of Trails Carolina, allowing students to use strategies they’ve learned through therapy to help with their studies.

Teens are constantly working with certified teachers who specialize in unique learning needs. Small group sizes ensure students get the individual attention they need. 

School Credits That Make a Difference

As long as a middle school or high school student is enrolled at Trails Carolina for 50 days or more, and they are eligible for a transcript that can provide up to three credits to take back home. This includes credit for adventure education, health and wellness, world literature, Appalachian history, and environmental studies. 

Getting credits in a relatively short time keeps the mind sharp and can get a student that much closer to graduation once returning. Some students arrive on campus a bit behind academically. 

Getting a boost while also going through a therapeutic program pushes students along.

Fully Integrated Academics

Daily lessons focus on everything from personal wellness to history. The staff at Trails Carolina enjoy seeing students make personal connections and pick up new material that gives them some variety in what they learn. 

The whole point of Trails Carolina is to provide a unique new experience, and it opens up nicely for them. So many new experiences on campus open up opportunities to learn for students. 

Getting a chance to have full integration ensures that time isn’t wasted. With exploration chances readily available, it doesn’t take much effort for teachers to integrate lessons inside and outside the classroom.

Hands-On Lessons

Academics are unique in many ways at Trails Carolina. One of the unique features involves working with Science Steve. He leads the proprietary citizen science field studies program to introduce students to different creatures calling this part of North Carolina home.

Reptiles, amphibians, chickens, fish, insects, and more are all introduced in a fun manner to students. It’s a great way to interact with these animals and insects while understanding why they are essential to the ecosystem they share with humans. 

Some students come to campus fearful of what’s out in the wilderness, but he makes learning fun while even getting to pet some of the animals. Science Steve teaches students about energy conservation at Trails Carolina. 

A solar array is put together in the classroom by previous graduates. The array generates electricity. Seeing something that came together thanks to students shows what a difference people can make with future energy resources.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Trails Carolina has tracked results with their academics since launching in 2008. During that stretch, students go home with valuable credit, a new outlook on life, and an overall improvement in behavior. 92% of families with students in the high school range have observed overall improvement in behavior even one-year post-graduation.

Whether it is dealing with suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, ADHD, depression, anxiety, or any other challenge, nine out of 10 graduates see long-term success. This leads to better success in academics, as well as life in general.

Why Trails Carolina’s Academic Program Stands Out

The academic side of any wilderness program usually doesn’t stand out as a selling factor. Although it might not be the number one focus, families often look at academics as a deciding factor when picking one wilderness therapy program over another.

Excelling academically and getting back on track once returning home can make a tremendous difference in turning the corner. If students have the chance to find a passion or two in life, they can start to find enjoyment in class for the first time in their life.

For more academic information, check out their website. Even a short stay at Trails Carolina has a chance to be more impactful than other therapy programs students have suffered through to try to make things work in the past.