What You Must Know About Sending Sympathy Flowers

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Sympathy flowers mean the convention of sending flowers during funerals and to the homes of the bereaved. Flowers have been used for centuries to convey powerful feelings and sentiments that words cannot adequately convey. Especially when it comes to sharing the grief of the loved ones’ departure, flowers have an invaluable and replaceable role.

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After a highly valued person has departed, it is indeed very difficult to convey the respect and regard we owe to the bereaved and the family of the bereaved. In this connection, sending flowers can help us share the most powerful sentiments and feelings with the family while demonstrating how much we value the relationship we enjoyed with the bereaved. While sending sympathy flowers, you need to note a few points. Here are a few things you must note while ordering for condolence flower delivery Malaysia.

Different flowers and what they symbolize

Every flower has a symbolic meaning and sending appropriate flowers for condolence can help you achieve the true objective of sending flowers to funerals and condolences.

Lily is a symbol of purity and innocence. Send lilies to the bereaved family if the member you have lost was one who you adored and respected. Lilies are especially suited to share the grief while losing a child.

White Stargazer Lilies are highly preferred as sympathy flowers. These flowers have a magical charm about them and their soft texture, mild color formula and a pleasing aroma make them special as sympathy flowers that very few other flowers can replace.

Carnation are highly appropriate as condolence flowers. The three major varieties you will come across among carnation are red, white and pink. While white carnation flowers depict innocence and pure love, red carnation flowers do stand for admiration. Pink carnation flowers are associated with admiration and they are highly suitable to share the grief when someone of respectable stature has died.

Gladioli are the right choice when the deceased one was a sincere soul with moral integrity. So, pick the right flowers that can appropriately convey the most powerful feelings you share for the deceased in your heart.

Chrysanthemums have a special place when it comes to sending them as sympathy flowers, and during funerals and condolences. In a number of European countries, chrysanthemums are viewed to be associated with death and hence they are sent only during grief. In the eastern countries, chrysanthemums are connected with grief and sadness. Hence chrysanthemums have a universal appeal when it comes to conveying sympathy.

Send condolence flowers

When you wish to send condolence or funeral flowers, it is important that you stay well informed of the tradition by consulting expert sources. This will help you choose the right flowers that can powerfully speak the message you wish to convey during the departure of your dear ones. Order online with an accomplished condolence flower delivery Malaysia services and create a powerful impact in the hearts of the family members of the departed. The small investment you make in condolence flowers can be one of the most valuable investments you have ever made.