Where to Invest Blue World City or Top City

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Blue World City

The Blue World City Islamabad is a forthcoming real estate venture in Islamabad. The amenities of this housing venture make it different from other housing ventures. It was initiated by Blue Group of Companies, and Shan Jian municipal engineering company, a prominent Chinese company. It is situated on Chakri road near the CPEC route. It is a huge housing project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a Chinese company.

Location and Map

Blue World City Islamabad Location is on the main Chakri Road opposite Chakri Interchange. The travelers in M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway can easily reach to this housing society. Moreover, the new Islamabad International airport is also just a few minutes away from the project. Apart from that, it is situated near famous projects, such as Defense Housing Authorities, PWD, and Bahria Town Islamabad. The M2 motorway is only 13 minutes away from the project, while the New Islamabad International Airport is half an hour away.

Why Invest in Blue World City?

As per the real estate experts, the first and biggest Pak Friendly housing society would be Blue World City. Blue Group seems to be the only private entity collaborating with China, and it is the perfect location for investment for different purposes. If you consider the following characteristics of this area, The real estate investors looking for the world class facilities would certainly want to be a part of this prestigious project which the blue group of companies is proposing now. It is also offering apartments and land at comparatively less and reasonable rates. For a little sum of money, the individuals would be able to take possession of their properties in less time. For the residents of Blue World City, the architecture and construction are also diverse because they integrate Chinese-style infrastructure. The stylishness of the Blue World City would somehow also depict the contemporary architecture of China’s inspired cultural, architectural styles. Read more about kingdom valley islamabad location.

Top City 1 Islamabad

The owners of Top city 1 Islamabad aim to bring the most trustworthy, lavish & world-class housing society that attracts mainly overseas Pakistanis. It will be a good mixture of prime location & top-class management system, which influences the present and future of this housing project. Furthermore, it also provides an innovative infrastructure that portrays a modern way of living for individuals who wish to live more efficiently.

Location and Map

It has a convenient location along the Kashmir Highway, which is one of its most charming qualities and one of its most appealing factors. It is located around half an hour away from downtown G 11 Markaz Islamabad. However, it is easily accessible through the Kashmir Highway, M2 Motorways, and Grand Trunk Road. Also, the new Islamabad International Airport is just a few kilometers away from this project, right about three kilometers. The residents of the blue world would take around 5 minutes to get to the airport from their homes.

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Why Invest in Top City 1 Islamabad?

Top City Islamabad is a modern housing project that enables its residents to live their best lives by providing a high-quality lifestyle with world-class facilities. Through this project, the developers aim to create a revolutionary housing society in Islamabad that would include homes and industrial plots, residential villas, apartments, and other things. The housing project would be an ideal destination to build the dream house. After the individuals have taken ownership, they would begin the entire building process immediately. All of the cutting-edge features would be included in the home development. Such development would guarantee that residents may enjoy a comfortable and lavish lifestyle in one of the most prestigious locations in Islamabad. Along with that, the children of residents would benefit from the eco-friendly environment, similar to that of 7 Wonders City Islamabad.


Blue World City is an ideal choice for real estate investors and the general public looking for a place to purchase or build their dream home. The best part about this housing society is its reasonable payment plan and the Blue World City Location. Currently, individuals are looking for a home in a developed environment with world-class amenities and natural greenery. For further details about the Blue World City, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of marketing specialists who would discuss the profits of investing in this project.

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