Which is The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur?

affordable digital marketing institute in jaipur

If you are searching for the most affordable digital marketing institute, then your search ends here.

Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about the institute, which is affordable as well as also offers the best digital marketing course in Jaipur.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start.

Quibus Trainings – Most Affordable Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Quibus Training is the best digital marketing institute in Jaipur. It is an affordable institute with a course fee of 40,000 Rs. 

Nowadays, many institutes in the market charge a very high amount for a 4 month of digital marketing course.

They also have “pay in parts” option for those who can’t pay one-time fees. But I always suggest students to go for one time payment fees because you can save some extra money on that.

Nowadays, they are also providing early bird discounts for an early decision maker. If you decide early and submit fees, then you can get an extra discount.

If you join the course during a festive season, then you might also get a festive offer discount. 

A few days ago, there was Raksha Bandhan. The institute was providing 10% discounts to all sisters. If you have joined that time, then you have gotten an early bird + extra Raksha Bandhan offer.

I suggest you to join Quibus Trainings because they offers digital marketing course with placement guarantee.

Average Digital Marketing Course Fees in Jaipur

The average digital marketing course fees in Jaipur range between 20,000 to 40,000 Rs. It is not true that an institute which charges high fees are always good. 

I know many digital marketing institutes in Jaipur that charge a very high amount of money but have no value in their course.

Free content available on Youtube is even better than those high priced low value courses.

Quibus Trainings has a very nominal fee of 40,000. It is completely worth it. You get live classes from an experienced trainer. Whenever you face any difficulty, there is always a trainer to help you.

Why Join Quibus Trainings Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur?

Here are some points which show why you should join the digital marketing course at Quibus,

  1. They are affordable – Quibus is an affordable institute. Anybody can join it. For people who are financially challenged, they also give some extra discounts.
  2. They are professional – They are highly professional with deep knowledge about digital marketing and seriousness about their job.
  3. They are disciplined – There will be regular classes with regular assignments. If you are absent on any given day, their team will call you and provide you the class recordings.
  4. They have Fun – Not just work, work and work. They also have fun at weekends. Sometimes, they go for hiking, resorts, water park, etc. 
  5. Create memories – if you really miss your school days, here you will get the opportunity to create memories with new friends. 
  6. Regular Assignments – The course is based on practical teaching.


Hope you got the answer in this article. Quibus Trainings is the most affordable digital marketing institute in Jaipur. 

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