Why Does Mascara Always Look Terrible?


When it comes to making our lashes look thicker or fuller or longer, we use mascara to enhance them so that they stand out, but for some reason, they can always look bad.

And this begs the question why my mascara always looks bad and why it gets smudged and peeled?

When it comes to using mascara, you must make sure that you do not use any kind of moisturizer around your eye or eyelids, as the eyelashes absorb the creams and wet the eyelash hair. If you apply the mascara, it causes it to become smeared, flaky, and sometimes even clumped.

So let’s take a look at the reasons why and how your mascara can look bad and what you can do to give it a better finish and appearance.

Why is Mascara Clumping?

There are a few reasons why mascara is clumpy, one of the reasons is that the mascara formulation may be too damp or too dry. If the mascara formulation is too damp, it may apply too much product to the lashes. In this case, an uneven amount of product is applied to the lashes, which causes the mascara to clump on the lashes.

If the mascara is too dry, it may already have lumps in the formulation, resulting in an uneven amount being applied to the lashes.

Mascara Formulation

In order to apply a more moist formula of mascara more evenly, it is best to apply an eyelash primer under the mascara. An eyelash primer usually has a drier formulation, so that when a moist formula of the mascara is applied to the primer, the wet formulation of mascara is applied thicker and more evenly.

When it comes to dry mascara, it is always best to make sure that you do not pump off the mascara before applying it. As a result, the mascara dries out faster, which transforms the formulation into dry form. Finally, it is always a good idea to throw away mascaras that have passed their expiry date, because they are not hygienic for the eyes.

Another reason why mascara can be lumpy is that there is too much mascara on the mascara wand. It is always advisable to clean the excess mascara on the mascara wand so that too much product does not accumulate on the mascara. This prevents the mascara from clumping on the lashes.

Another reason why your mascara can clump is that you could apply too many layers of mascara at once. The only way to definitely clump your mascara is to apply a coat of mascara and then let it dry completely, and then apply another coat of mascara over it. These causes clumping because the mascara formulation does not apply smoothly to the drier layer of mascara.

Mascara Smudging

Another reason mascara can look terrible is the smudging of the mascara, which can resemble a raccoon. There are many reasons why mascara would smudge.

The first reason would be because of the mascara formulation that can be really pigmented where it can cause a lot of transmissions. There were a lot of formulations of mascara that just smear a lot. It’s hard to determine which mascaras don’t smear, with these types of mascaras they can be a hit or miss.

The best way to prevent your mascara from being transferred is to apply a mascara primer on the lashes before applying the mascara. Mascara primer allows your mascara to stay longer on the lashes by letting the mascara stick to the lashes. This will definitely change the way your mascara will be applied throughout the day.

The second way to prevent your mascara from getting dirty is to look at waterproof formulations. This type of formulation is thicker and sticks to the lashes as soon as it settles on the lashes. Waterproof mascaras are usually waterproof and usually last by swimming and in case of happy or sad events that can involve a lot of crying. Waterproof formulations typically last longer on the lashes than usual mascara, therefore this enables your mascara to last longer all over the day.

If your favorite mascara is not waterproof, there is an easy way to make your mascara waterproof.

Step 1

Apply your favorite mascara to your lashes 1-2 coats of mascara

Step 2

Apply a layer of waterproof mascara to make your mascara waterproof

Another reason why your mascara might look bad is your skin type. If you have more oily skin, it is more likely that your mascara will come into contact with it. Sometimes oily skin types can cause oily eyelids. Any oil that comes into contact with your mascara will decompose it. After all, many eye removers have oil in them to break down and remove eye make-up.

Oily Skin Types

If this is the case, where your skin type would be oily, then it is best to smear the eye area with blotting paper so that most oils are absorbed. The next best thing is to use translucent powder and powder around the eyelid area. By brushing some translucent powder around the eye area, this allows all oils in this area to be absorbed even better. This trick prevents your mascara from getting eaten away and smudged.

Skincare And Mascara

If you use an eye cream or moisturizer around the eye area, your mascara will also smear because of the oils. It is best to use some translucent powders around the eye area to absorb the oils. I personally would first allow the eye cream to settle on the skin for about 10-15 minutes to still enjoy the benefits of skin care.

Weather Conditions

During a hot and humid summer, the weather releases more oil from the pores, making our skin oily, which in turn breaks down the mascara. Sometimes, the moisture in the air has a lot of moisture, which also affects the appearance of the mascara and makes it easier to lose weight.

In such weather conditions, it is best to use an eyelash primer so that the mascara sticks to the lashes. It is also a good idea to powder the eye area with a translucent powder so that it absorbs the oils around the eye area.

Avoid Rubbing The Eye Area

One of the main reasons my mascara looked like a nightmare is that it simply rubs off on the mascara and greases it everywhere. I personally had to give up this habit because it always made my mascara look terrible.

Sneezing After Mascara Application

If you apply mascara to your lashes and apply all the tips and tricks that have been mentioned at times, our mascara can still look like a total nightmare, which can make it very frustrating.

Cleaning Up Mascara Smudges And Smears

After applying the mascara, it is still necessary to remove any spots and smudges that may have occurred during the mascara application. It is best to clean the smudges with a Q-Tip dipped in micellar water or oil-free make-up to remove the mess left behind. If this step is skipped, it may look as if you do not know how to apply mascara and make things look disastrous!

Mascara Peels Off

The other reason why your mascara can look terrible after a few hours is that it peels off. Peeling off the mascara can also cause the mascara to smudge under the eye area.

Peeling Mascara Can Come Down To A Few Reasons:

Formulation of The Actual Mascara:

When the mascara is dry in its formulation, it can be applied in clumps, which can then turn into flakes. One way to avoid this is to put viscose drops into the actual mascara tube. This will help your mascara get a thinner formula, which will help you reduce flaking.

Take The Time To Apply Mascara To The Lashes:

Sometimes the mascara can get clumped when applied too quickly. To prevent this, you should take your time to apply mascara, otherwise it will look like a hot mess within a few hours.

Use A Lash Primer:

Another way to prevent mascara smudging is to apply a mascara primer before applying the mascara so that the mascara stays on the lashes for longer without peeling off.

Use Translucent Powder:

Another trick to ensure that your mascara stays on the lashes without peeling off is to apply some translucent powder as a base to the actual lashes. Then, it is best to apply mascara to the lashes, which could also help with oils around the eye area.

As already mentioned, the mascara can deteriorate due to the oils on the skin that can break down the mascara. Flaking is one of the problems that can occur as a result. It is best to apply a translucent powder around the eye area before applying mascara so that this does not happen.

Avoid Crying:

One of the main reasons I would run and peel mascara is that when I cried, it causes the mascara to run and eventually peel off. So, if you know you’re going to cry on special occasions, it’s best to use a waterproof formula to prevent your mascara from peeling off.

Rub Your Eyes or Constantly Pluck At Your Eyelashes:

If you rub your eyes a lot, this is defiantly one reason why your mascara peels off. Be sure to avoid rubbing the eye area, as this will smear and flake off your mascara, which is not an attractive look.

Another reason your mascara could peel off is that you can pee a lot on your lashes, which causes the mascara to deteriorate and flake off.

Avoid Mascaras:

Fiber mascaras usually require two steps, first by applying normal mascara and then applying a layer of fiber-containing microfibers and then sealing it with mascara over it. The purpose of the microfibers is to lengthen the lashes. In these formulations, it is more likely that they flake off due to the microfibers. The sealing of the mascara only lasts so long before it peels off.

Mascara Wands:

The last way to prevent clumping of the mascara is to use an eyelash stick with fine plastic bristles. These types of mascara sticks have many bristles that help the mascara formulation comb through the lashes.

The Main Takeaways

So if you look at everything, you now have a better understanding of why your mascara can look bad.

I:    Can get clumpy

II:   It can smudge

III: Mascara can peel off

IV: The use of different products to obtain the mascara

V:  Understanding the formulation of mascara and how it affects your appearance

I really believe that it is better to strip off the mascara now, no matter which one you buy, it is just about what you put on the lashes before, which has a good look at the mascara that lasts all day.