Mother’s Day is coming up, and people all over the world will be celebrating it with zeal. Today is the day to be grateful for your mother’s relationship with you. So show your mother how much you care by offering her lovely gifts. Mother’s Day when the whole world is on lockdown and you are unable to go outside due to the value of social distance. Mothers are true treasures that only want your affection, support, and gratitude. It’s time to tell your mother that, no matter how difficult things are, digital gifts will always make her feel unique. The best gift ideas for your lovely mother are described below.

1.Video Montage-

A set of audio-visual shots accompanied by text. Video editing tools may be used to make a video montage. You can get smartphone versions from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2.E-greeting cards-

Greeting cards are the most effective way to communicate emotions that are difficult to express verbally. It is a token that never dies but increases in value with time. You may use Canva (a graphic design platform) or card-making tools and applications.


God has given you the most beautiful and caring mother on the planet. It’s the perfect time to make it official on Mother’s Day gifts. Send your mother a digital poster or magazine cover to celebrate this achievement. Graphic design applications such as Canva, Wix, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, and others can be used.


A caricature is a humorous representation of a photograph. Caricature gifts have risen in popularity as a unique and innovative alternative to the other digital gift options. There is pra program that can be used to convert images into cartoons.

5.Create an Online Scrapbook-

Scrapblog helps you to make an online scrapbook with photographs, videos, stickers, text, and other elements. You can also make your scrapbook play music that your mother enjoys. After you’ve finished creating your Scrapblog, you can post it to a custom URL.


Build a Slideshow With a “Happy Mother’s Day” design from Slide.com, it’s simple to make a photo slideshow for mom. Simply upload your favorite pictures of you and your mother, and Slide.com will create a dynamic slideshow for you. After you’ve finished uploading, you’ll be given a special URL to send to your mother so she can see the slideshow.

7.Make a webpage-

You can build an entire web page devoted to your mother if scrapbooks and slideshows aren’t your things. Google Website Builder is a free tool that helps you to easily create a web page with images, text, and links.


You could get your mother a subscription to an ebook, audiobook, or podcast. To an avid reader, there is nothing better or more thrilling than a new novel. Offer her a two-hour voucher for alone time as a bonus. She’ll be able to read her new book in silence.

9.Gift coupon –

Gift cards are ideal because they give mom the freedom to choose exactly what she wants. It’s also likely that they’ll be easier to find on the internet. Given that most stores are closed and cultural and entertainment events, as well as pampering activities, have been postponed until further notice, get mom a gift certificate to her favorite line retailer or a spa gift certificate to be used at a later date. You can also make your vouchers for a vacation, concert, or exhibition, which you can redeem once the restrictions are lifted.

Favorite guitar tunes-

The song is a beautiful way to show your deep affection for your mother. Surprise her with Mother’s Day cake with special guitar tunes, in which a talented guitarist plays live on a Whatsapp Video Conference call her favorite songs.


It’s a crucial year to make sure moms are pampered. Isolation can be draining, and the energy levels can below. Hopefully, this lockdown mother’s day gift guide has encouraged you to express your love and care for your special mother.

Although the internet can help you escape shopping malls, it will never be able to replace a phone call! Be sure to call Mom the next day. Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!