Top Per-Pregnancy Tips Suggested By Gynaecologist

Per-Pregnancy Tips

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world that cannot be replaced with anything. However, you need to be prepared with plenty of things in order to ensure that your pregnancy is successful.

It is the preconception that will ensure the health of your baby. You have to nurture your baby inside your womb; that’s why you need to be highly careful about everything. Everyone wants to ensure they have a smooth pregnancy, and for that, it is essential to know the right way for preconception care.

First, you need to choose a gynaecologist in Ahmedabadwho will guide you throughout the process. Additionally, with the help of the Bajaj Finserv health EMI card, you can cover the medical expenses of your pregnancy.

When the to-be parents are healthy, their baby will be healthier too. But certain efforts need to be taken. Your health condition will change throughout your pregnancy, and each stage will have different health regimes. You need to stay connected with your gynaecologist to keep yourself updated.

Here are some key things you need to follow during the pre-pregnancy phase to ensure a successful and healthy child-birth.

Folic Acid Supplements

Women who are trying to conceive will be first asked to start their folic acid supplements. This will help in preventing the risk of brain and nerve disorders in the baby. Your gynaecologist will thoroughly check your health and suggest a diet and regimen that will best suit your lifestyle and habits. Doctors will ask you regarding any illness in the family and the correct weight of the women.

Balancing Blood Sugar and pressure

Those who are already suffering from high blood pressure and sugar. It is important for you to lower these levels before conceiving. Thyroid-related issues are also quite common during pregnancy, so you need to be highly careful. These issues can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t take any chances and try to bring some changes in your routine that will bring your blood sugar and pressure under check.

Physical Activity

There are different exercises for the pre-pregnancy period that will ensure activeness and muscle strength. According to your health status, your doctor will suggest the necessary exercises. A little amount of exercise is essential to keep your body active and strong. Light exercises and walking would be suitable for women who are trying to conceive. There are some physiotherapies as well that are specifically made for women trying to conceive.

Nutritious Diet

Along with all the mentioned tips, you need to give special consideration to your diet. A pre-pregnancy diet is important and quite different from a pregnancy diet. You need to increase the consumption of vitamin, iron, and fiber-rich food. The reduction of caffeine intake is also essential to ensure utmost care. Caffeine can adversely affect your nervous system, thereby impacting the health of the baby. You can either consult your gynaecologist in Ahmedabad or reach out to a nutritionist to get help regarding your pre-pregnancy diet.


Your vaccination history is important to understand whether you are protected from all harmful viruses and diseases. For instance, the doctor will determine whether the mother is vaccinated for chickenpox, rubella, and other infections. So, always keep your vaccination history handy to make sure you don’t miss anything. There may be some vaccinations that you might have to take after the examination.

Blood Test

The hemoglobin levels, iron deficiency, and platelet count can only be checked with the help of regular blood tests. You need to undergo blood tests to understand whether there are any internal complications. Apart from blood tests, you need to go through several other tests as well, like ultrasound, scans, sonography, etc., to know the growth of your baby and detect the complexities at the earliest.

The Bottom Line

New moms-to-be are always apprehensive about what to do and what not to do during the pre-pregnancy period. There will be an abundance of scattered information, but you must be able to filter things out and follow authentic and beneficial things.

Consulting your gynaecologist at regular intervals is highly important to get tips and suggestions for the pre-pregnancy period. The above-mentioned were some of the best tips that gynaecologists suggest for the new moms-to-be. However, it is important to consult your doctor separately and avail a customized plan for yourself.