2021 The Best Benefits Of Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website

Benefits Of Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website

Facebook has always been the most enticing and engaging social media platform. It is the hub of a very diverse population. Marketers find the platform worth spending their time and money on. They run ad campaigns to attract their target audience. From boomers to millennials, you can find the right audience for your products and services. With the changing demographics of digital marketing, marketers face everyday competition in maintaining a significant online presence, and in the pursuit of a successful promotional tactic, the benefits of the social marketing channels are being extended to the web platforms. 

Let’s be completely honest, it is extremely back-breaking to keep a website up-to-date. And it can slip on the sideway in many well-established businesses. Meanwhile, we are already used to constantly updating our personal as well as technical social media pages. We enjoy sharing content as well.   

Embed Facebook feeds on your website might sound technical and pesky but this really isn’t. A social media aggregator makes your task easy with an easy peasy interface. It gives you immense possibilities to enhance the way your feeds and website appears.

So, if you spend time and effort already posting to your Facebook page, why not make it go a little further? You can easily keep your website content new and engage your audience by displaying Facebook content; content that you are already posting anyway, on your website. It is undeniable that embedding Facebook feeds on the brand website has great benefits. 

Let us take a look at why a one-platform widget easily outperforms a social media feed.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed on your Official Website:

1. Facebook wall enhances your website visuals

A brand website is one of the most critical elements of a business affair. A consumer usually opts to visit your website in order to get insights about your products and services. That becomes the only authentic source of information that will decide their purchases and interest. 

Then why to take your website so lightly? You can extend your Facebook engagement to your brand website, making it worth exploring within minutes. It makes your web platform look catchy and full of viral Facebook content. You can customize your feeds as per your website design before flashing them on the website. 

2. Facebook feeds helps boost engagement

Facebook is one of the most engaging social media platforms and you would all agree with this, too. You just cannot resist scrolling through the feed. Embedding your Facebook feeds on the website urges your visitors to keep scrolling down the feed, thus increasing your website’s visitor interaction. 

This helps to improve the dwelling time for the audience to your website. It improves user engagement with the digital platforms as well. Viewers are encouraged to post similar content about your brand by having other user feeds displayed on your brand website, thereby spreading your word of mouth marketing.

3. Displays social proof with the help of UGC

User-generated content is the data created by your customers in the favour of your brand. It includes feedback, testimonials regarding a product, and pictures, videos that revolve around your marketing campaign. Such data is useful in generating trust in the mind of the audience which is beyond your existing consumer base. User trust helps your business grow and gives you stability in the market for the long run. 

4. Increases your visitor’s dwelling time

Customers are more focused on the visual appeal of the digital platform they are surfing. Facebook feeds add spice to your dull and old-fashioned website structure. It makes the website look interesting and attractive, urging visitors to stay longer and engage themselves with the content. 

A social media aggregator displays the real-time Facebook feed in a single stream. This means your audience has access to fresh content every now and then. The dwelling time directly affects the website SEO.

5. Expand your social media reach

You direct the traffic from your website to your Instagram account when you view Facebook hashtag feeds via an embedded social hub on your website. This helps you to increase the reach of your social media and therefore increase your influence on social media. 

Often, you are able to optimise your contact points with your clients in this way. Either on your website or on Facebook, they will connect with your brand, thereby making it easier for your clients to reach you. This helps boost the customer base as well.

6. Helps build a strong brand image

Embedding a Facebook feed wall on your website, as already mentioned, allows you to increase your social presence and increase your social impact as well. This implies that more individuals are conscious of and are talking about your brand. The impromptu marketing that sets itself in motion is further escalated by thus. This improves the word of mouth ads around your brand. 

This enables you to build a better brand picture. The more people talk about it, the greater the trust that your brand creates among its customers. Therefore, at the same time, you increase user trust within your customer base. It also helps boost the reputation and authenticity of your company, thereby keeping your customers loyal to your brand.

7. Increases conversion rate and revenues 

If you own an e-commerce company website, then it allows you a long way to incorporate Facebook feeds on your e-commerce website displaying user-generated content showing happy customers using your goods and services. 

It allows you to put the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale, which in turn enables consumers to make the final purchase decision in your favor. This, in turn, helps to increase the rates of conversion and turn your potential clients into your permanent ones. It also leads to an increase in revenues and sales.

Final Words 

If you own one, embedding a Facebook wall on your brand website is advantageous for your business as well for your website visuals. Making use of such an engaging and economical marketing tactic helps you grow social proof and expand your business by displaying user-generated content.