3 Best Earbuds To Buy For Your School Right Away!

best earbuds

Do you remember the times when we all used to be excited for that time of “back to school” because that only meant new pens, highlighters, notebooks, and… wireless headphones? Well,  that time is now changing and now electronic devices are another reason why you being students can be excited about and it is another worry for parents on the other hand. 

You may call the change for better or worse, but this has happened because more and more schools are making students more dependent on the online world for studies and other co curricular activities. Hence, to tackle one of the matters in the list of such necessities, we have decided to suggest you the best earbuds that you can try out as students – also you can consider them as best airpod alternatives if you can’t afford Apple’s flagship products. 

We have curated the list with great care so that there is something for everyone then. 

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Sennheiser HD1 Free

The HD1 Free headphones do not only make you stop being dependent on wires with behind-the-neck cable design and stainless-steel ending,  these in-ear buds are also built to deliver powerful bass and offer crystal clear vocals when you want to listen to your favorite tracks. 

The best part about the design is that you get the benefit of added security because of the magnetic buds which can easily be snapped together when you want to close the loop. Also, these earbuds deliver great passive noise cancellation as well and they come in four color options to choose from.

Beats By Dr. Dre Beats X

We are then moving on the Apple devices with the inclusion of Beats by Dr. Dre BeatsX in the list as that is also known as the flagship sound device made by the company. They are built on Apple’s W1 chip which promises a future without the painful experience of Bluetooth pairing. You will only have to pair them once with an Apple device, such as an iPhone, and it will automatically turn on again for you the next time when you will take them near to your ears or the device. A pop-up with a “Connect” button pops up on your iPhone. 

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Moreover, Beats is also linked with your iCloud account, your iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, so you can pair it with every device upon one touch as well. Hence, if you are a student who is jumping to iPads from  typical notebooks then this is the addition that you need in your bag because it comes with an added advantage of two years of battery life. 

AirBuds Pro

This is more specific for the students who are short on budget but still want a device that should perform and also look like the premium Airpods Pro. The AirBuds Pro offers excellent noise cancellation with a powerful base and all the Airpods-like features all under the price tag of $60. So, if you want to listen to your favorite music or enjoy the crystal clear sound of online lectures, get this pair of earbuds right away! 

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