3 Best Virtual Events Platform To Host Your Next Event Online


Today, hosting virtual events has become the new normal. With the unforeseen advent of the coronavirus global pandemic, restrictions have been enforced on maintaining social distancing and to avoid public gatherings. However, organising in-person events has come to a stop in these uncertain times. While organising an event, planners consider the worst-case scenarios and plan the event accordingly. The sudden emergence of COVID-19 was not on the list of worst-case scenarios. The event industry is one of the major entities that has been severely affected by the pandemic. But, the fastest one to adopt the changing needs and trends. Virtual events came as a solution in these hard times that prevented many businesses from dipping down. Organisations that never imagined hosting virtual events, leveraged virtual events platforms to keep going, and generating revenues. 

Today the internet is brimming with virtual event platforms that offer comprehensive virtual events solutions. As the demand for virtual events has skyrocketed in 2020, everyday new platforms and virtual event companies are coming up. The massive competition is going on between the virtual event platform service provider to offer the best virtual event services in class. Walking ahead with times, virtual events have closely replicated the same feel of in-person events.  

Host Virtual Event Platform

Virtual events hosted on a comprehensive virtual event platform enables attendees to access the event from their remote locations. The roadblocks faced during organising a live physical event such as geographical constraint or space limitations get completely escalated with virtual events. Virtual event platforms are a flexible solution to host live and on-demand events with multiple sessions. What’s more? The merits offered by virtual events are far beyond the reach of live physical events. Expand your event reach, enhance your brand visibility, increase your event attendance, maximise your ROI, and more by leveraging virtual events.

Top 3 Best Picks To Host Your Next Virtual Event

We have listed the top 3 virtual events platforms that have been trending in 2020 and serving many large and small-scale industries. Have a look:

1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the leading virtual event platforms that offer comprehensive virtual event solutions to deliver real-life event experiences. Over the past few months, Dreamcast enables businesses to organise virtual events in a safe and secure visually rich virtual environment. Host virtual meetings, agm, town halls, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, etc. with Dreamcast virtual event platform backed by 24*7 support. The platform enables the organiser to have a 3d virtual event set up and customisable booths that match the brand image. It helps in delivering immersive event experiences to attendees. The engaging features offered by the platform such as live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, gamification, etc. helps in keeping the attendees engaged with the event throughout.

Dreamcast virtual event platform

The platform offers audio/video/keyboard Live chat and networking capabilities that enable attendees to have 1:1 or group interactions. Attendees can have free-flowing conversations with speakers, booth representatives, and other attendees from the comfort of their own home via any device. Dreamcast offers a robust data trackability feature that tracks every digital attendee footprint right from the start till the event ends. Each and every move of the attendee throughout the event is recorded by the platform. It helps in creating a detailed analytics report that is beneficial for the organiser. It helps in measuring the performance metrics and the success of the event. What’s more? The technology backed by 24*7 support makes it easy for attendees to have a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

2. VFairs

VFairs is another virtual event company that is built on a reliable, safe, and secure foundation. It enables the organiser to have a 3d virtual event set up with customisable options. VFairs virtual events platform allows organisers to organise any type of a virtual event in a visually rich virtual environment. Transform live physical events whether it’s a day to day meeting, conference, trade shows, exhibitions, or any other event in a digital format. Host your virtual events with VFairs virtual event platform and reach global attendees seamlessly.

The platform enables one to have real-time conversations with other attendees as well as with hosts, speakers, and virtual booth representatives. Attendees can sit back at home and attend the event from the comfort of their own space via any device or browser. In the past few months during these pandemic times, VFairs has hosted many virtual events for small-scale and large-scale organisations. However, assuring success and keeping privacy intact, by not allowing an unauthorized third party to access the event content.

3. Inxpo

Inxpo is an upcoming virtual events platform that offers comprehensive virtual events solutions. It has hosted many virtual events in the past few months during the uncertain challenging times of COVID-19. Phenomenal features, reliable technology, and engaging tools, enabled Inxpo to make space in the top 3 best virtual event platforms. Inxpo is built on a safe, secure, scalable, and reliable foundation that is trusted by enterprises and has hosted many virtual events. It enables the organiser to reach a wide segment of attendees globally.

Inxpo offers engaging video experiences to virtual attendees. Whether you want to carry out corporate communications, organise an online sales event, training, marketing, Inxpo serves all. Inxpo has even offered engaging webcasts, online events for B2B as well as B2C applications.

Final Word

With the sudden surge in the demand for virtual event platforms, ample virtual event platform service providers captured the market. As the percentage of virtual events has skyrocketed, the massive competition between service providers has been set on fire. Today, there is a wide range of virtual event platforms available in the market that offers engaging virtual event solutions. Selecting the best entirely depends on the needs and requirements of the business. In this post, we have listed the best 3 virtual event platforms that offer comprehensive services and packages. They have served various sectors and help them to organise their online virtual events seamlessly. If you are planning to host a virtual event and are confused about the technology, you have landed at the right place. We have listed the top 3 trending virtual event platforms to host your next event. Select your best pick and embrace virtual events!