Fix The Banned Pub G


in today’s article  I want to share how to deal with pubg games that are always banned even though they don’t use GL tools and don’t use any magisk modules, but are still banned some already know and are confused about how to share so in today’s articel I share please you guys prepare the sugar water check.

The neighbor’s wifi is safe or not, please sit down and eat toast using peanut butter and continue if you always get banned in pubg games and don’t know the cause 5 things you have to do first is flash your android without flash.

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there is still a possibility get banned because you don’t know what you have installed in the ROM and it’s still left, as a result the file is still detected by the pubg game as a plugin for those of you who have used gltools which may still be left and all you need to do is flash your ROM to 2 is to delete the pubg data and the application is the same as the one above, right? You never know what scripts or data you have installed in a pubg game that might still be detected.

what plugins are you using the cheat aware, bro, the cheat is only for nob users, the third is to install the magiskhide module and the fourth is by using the magiskhide feature and the last is by changing the selinux that is on your android if you have done task number 1 and number 2 now we continue to task number 3 to get the magiskhide module, you just need to open the magisk application then you scroll to download and you are looking for a module called magiskhide if you have found it.

you install it as usual, bro, when it’s finished, you can restart the android if your android is on, you open the termnal emulator application then type su (enter) you allow the superuser and type the next props you press enter you just follow the step by step according to the one in the article the first thing you type the number 1 to change the fingerprint that is on your android then you press the letter f, a number of android brands will appear , there is xiaomi, there is samsung, there is nokia.

you type the number according to your android brand bro, my android type will appear again using xiaomi redmi note 7 so I press the number 63 so adjust it to your device type when it’s finished then you type y when it’s finished, you don’t remove the application but you continue by pressing the letter n then press the letter b until it returns to the start menu at the initial menu you type the number 4 digit 4 to change selinux if you don’t find the code ro.selinux.

You can skip right away, there is a possibility that the Selinux on your Android is permissive, then you can press again or close the terminal emulator application, bro, if you have exited the terminal emulator application, then continue by entering the magisk manager application then you press line 3 in top left and you choose magiskhide then you can hide the google play application service, google play games application and pubg game when it’s finished.

you can press back and enter the settings in magisk then you hide magisk manager it will download only a few MB of data to hide the pubg game and playstore when it’s finished, the magisk manager will turn into a half-visible robot body if you press the magisk manager application it will ask for a download again, it only takes a few MB and this only runs once.

when it’s done you can immediately restart android if to You have done the 5 ways before and it’s finished, you can check first one by one the fear is there is still left you can enter the magisk manager you check whether the magiskhide module is active or not or you can check the magiskhide feature in the settings is active or not, then you can check the Selinux is permissive or not if everything is safe and successful, you can immediately play this game.

it doesn’t guarantee your pubg game is safe from being banned 100%, these are just a few tips on how I got away from being banned and until now there has been no ban I just install any module, it’s safe, bro and there is nothing banned if you are still banned, there is a possibility that you are not lucky, sometimes it is not always for the root user and for non-root users, there are still those who get banned because there is a massive ban so the user does not make a mistake also affected by its impact.

hopefully these simple tips can overcome your pubg which is still being banned and how This also works for all games that are banned features because I am a pubg user so I only test it in one game if all my games are entered on Android, as a result my Android will heat up and lag ok hopefully it helps you guys.