4 Emerging Cyber-Threats to Look Out In 2021

4 Emerging Cyber-Threats to Look Out In 2021

No matter what we do in this era of the digital world, we are always directly or indirectly connected with the internet. Whether we consider IT business, banks or any other organization, cyberthreat is one of the biggest threats that they are facing today.

Apart from this, experts anticipated that the rate of cyber threat will be increased due to this pandemic. Organizations are still coping up with lockdowns and social distancing requirements and in this scenario dealing with cyberthreat is another challenge for them.

According to Accenture, around 68% of business leaders are feeling that the risk of cybersecurity is increasing. With the increasing culture of work from home due to COVID-19, organizations are working through cloud services and this brings a big challenge for the organization to maintain security.

To tackle the risk one requires professional IT Audit and Cybersecurity services in 2021. The fear is increasing after this COVID-19 pandemic and also introducing a new cybersecurity threat which is affecting a wide range of industries. Ensuring your on-the-ground staff has CISO training will also help fortify your security and safety best practices. Let’s look at 4 emerging cyber threats to watch out for in 2021.

Here are 4 Emerging Cybersecurity Threat to Look At in 2021:

1) Pandemic Impact

Due to this pandemic, the activity of phishing, ransomware, Trojans and botnets is increased. And still the pandemic is not over and it is going to increase more in the upcoming time. Whether you include digital messages, confidential documents, or other crucial corporate information, this pandemic will witness higher cybersecurity threat. Big corporates, banking organizations and other organizations are the big target.

Cybercriminals take the global health pandemic as an opportunity and take full advantage of it through their cybersecurity attack. With this COVID-19 sending, everyone home to work will increase the threat of cybersecurity. So, make sure you take commendable steps in keeping your organization stand robust to fight with cybersecurity.

2) Ransomware Attacks

This is not a new cybersecurity attack, the first known ransomware attack occurred in 1989 and targeted the healthcare industry. . It is a big threat for enterprises, SMBs, and individuals as the attacker attack your system and files and in return demands ransom money through cryptocurrency. As you can imagine, ransomware protection is critical. Many big companies and giants have already faced ransomware attacks in the past and have paid a lot of money for accessing their files and systems.

Bitcoin is widely used in asking ransom so that the transaction can be done anonymously. This technology risk is making it tough for an organization to manage its business. So, if you want to keep your organization safe then choosing a professional cybersecurity expert firm is the best option.

3) Cyberattacks Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hackers are enhancing their techniques and technological advancement which is hardly possible for an organization to handle. With the help of AI, hackers can easily mimic human behaviour to make an attack. AI is a highly powerful technology that can be used for the betterment or can be used as evil to destroy.

To tackle this, you require an advanced cybersecurity expert who can easily handle such types of attacks. You need a professional expert who uses static and dynamic AI protection to detect, mitigate, remediate the attack and provide your organization with better security.

4) IoT Attacks

The internet of things is widespread broadly day by day. It includes routers, webcams, household appliances, smartwatches, medical devices, manufacturing equipment, automobiles and home security systems. Through connected devices, IoT can create a bigger risk for your organization as your data is associated with other devices.

As it is a connected device, it is very easy for hackers to perform cyber invasions and infections. If it is once hacked by the hacker then it can create deadly havoc to your organization and business, which can affect you for the long term. So, if you are dealing in IoT then make sure you consult a professional cybersecurity expert to get better advantages.

Wrapping Up

Cybercrime is increasing day by day and it is becoming tougher for organizations to handle it. Your organization must hire a high skilled cybersecurity expert to safeguard the organization from such threats. Due to this pandemic, the cybersecurity threat is going to increase and hackers are finding new and innovative ways to attack. Whether you consider cryptocurrency, AI, or machine learning tools, hackers are using everything to make the organization suffer through cyber-attack.