5 Best App Lock Apps to Protect Your Android Phone

App Lock Apps

There are hundreds and thousands of apps for smart phones and a few of them we use on regular basis. There are apps that store our private moments and conversation, memories and we can’t afford someone to gain access to these apps. For such apps, we make use of the best app lock for Android and secure our privacy with the help of Pattern & Passcode lock.

Before selecting the best and smart app locker, there are a lot of security checks that should be considered. If you select a Pattern & Passcode app lock that doesn’t offer you recovery options or the best security settings, you may end up getting locked out on your own stuff. To protect your sensitive data, messages, contacts, documents or photos on your Smartphone, you can rely on these best app lockers for Android in 2021.

1.  AppLock – Fast App Locker with Pattern & Passcode – By Systweak

AppLock is one of the most intuitive creations by Systweak Software delivering revolutionary apps and software fir last 20 years. The app is a smart app locker for Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail and other apps on your device. This is a quick AppLocker with Pattern & Passcode lock to secure your data on Android device.

AppLock Features

• High security yet an easy-to-use app locker

• Lock any & every app on your device for security

• Email recovery option to recover forgotten passcodes

• Easy lock and unlock system with a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint

• Easy to download, install, and set up to secure from unauthorized access

• Light-weight application that works silently without high system resources

• Doesn’t share, store, or read user data from any app on the device

• Enhanced security with Passcode, Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint

• Zero impact on battery life, runs on low memory usage

• Compatible with Android 4.1 and above versions

• Easy password reset and recovery options

2.  LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock – By SuperTools

LOCKit App Locker is one of the finest and lightest app lockers for Android that you can use for FREE. It is based on Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode app lock system with all modern features. Make use of photo and video vault, intruder selfie, fake cover, themes, notification lock, safety reminders and a lot more while guaranteeing device and data privacy.

LOCKit Features

• Fake cover, fake warning message options

• Lock Google play store, Settings and prevent new installations

• Best app locker for Android apps, system settings & system files

• Secure your private content with Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode app lock

• LOCKit can’t be uninstalled without entering the right password

• Lock incoming calls and unlock them on the notification bar

• Hide photos and videos in a safe vault with privacy locks

• Takes intruder selfie and shares it instantly

3.  AppLock – By DoMobile Lab

AppLock by DoMobile is one of the highest-rated, trusted and downloaded apps for Pattern & Passcode lock for Android. The app also features secured vaults to store your secret photos and videos and apps. It has a quick setup format that can secure your privacy with wonderful recovery options. AppLock can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Gallery, Contacts, SMS, Settings, Gmail, incoming calls or any new app on the device.

AppLock Features

• Vanished pictures and videos from Gallery

• Store your private media and files in a secured vault

• Works on Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode lock system

• Random keyboard and invisible pattern locks for enhanced security

• Can’t be uninstalled without password or pattern locks

• Hide AppLock icon with Force stopped cover

• Supports over 50 countries in 45 languages

4.  AppLock – Fingerprint – By SpSoft

AppLock By SpSoft is a smart app locker for Android is a revolutionary product that has over 50 million downloads and has been one of the favourite apps of many smartphone users. You can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery apps, settings and all other apps with a Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode lock. AppLock has a feature of taking selfies of intruders and can display fake error windows.

AppLock Feature

• Different pattern size from 3×3 to 18×18 dots

• Shows fake error window without asking for password

• Catch intruders with a selfie click and instantly share it on email

• Smart unlock and auto locks for specific Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections

• Screen lock turns off the screen and offers support in 31 languages

• Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode lock for quick access

• Password protect all your apps for enhanced privacy

• Lock the entire phone with AppLocker

5.  Norton App Lock – By Norton Labs

Norton doesn’t require any introduction and has been proven as one of the best security product developers over years. AppLock by Norton is one of the trusted Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode app lockers available in 2021. It has all the features listed in other apps and cast out itself with some added intuitive features. It offers an added layer of security in case of a lost or stolen device.

Norton App Lock Features 

• Gives you a recommendation for locked apps

• Offers added security layer for device and data protection

• Offers parental control settings for kids and family to lockdown after a specific time

• Full control on app downloads, installation, games, videos and photos

• Hides all social networking apps or password protect data

• Custom locks and passwords for added security


In this era of social networking, keeping your data privacy intact has been a huge concern. These app lockers can help you safeguard your apps and privacy with adding Fingerprint, Pattern & Passcode app lockers on your device. There are numerous app lockers however these are the best app lockers for Android that will never fail your security system.