5 Best Email Spy Software

email spy software

Presently, all kids and youngsters spend many hours online chatting with their friends on electronic mails. Many offspring are engaged in sexting and other harmful activities without their parents knowing.

On the other hand, workers use the office’s devices to send and receive emails from clients and customers. However, in employers’ absence, they waste time communicating with their friends or families through emails. They can also disclose the company’s sensitive data with third parties just to earn some dollars.

That’s why; nowadays, it has become a necessity to use the best Email spy software to supervise employees’ and children’s email activities to determine what they are up to. As there are many email monitoring applications available, individuals find it hard to pick the right one. Thus, we have crafted this in-depth guide to help you select the best tool.

5 Top Email Spy Software


It is the most widely utilized multi-purpose surveillance software that is specifically designed to spy on young children, teens, and staff members from a remote location. It allows you to record and hear all the calls, view call history, and caller details.

You can monitor your target’s exact location, web browsing history, instant messengers, block unwanted calls, messages, and websites, control their phone’s front and back cameras to make screen recordings or screenshots, and much more.

It enables you to gain access to all the exchanged emails discreetly. By reading the mails, you can find out what’s happening in your targeted person’s life and whom they interact with. The good thing about it is that it captures and saves all the information in your customized web portal, so you can check it later


It is one of the most superlative tools that can be used for tracking and supervising.It works in an undetectable mode, so the targeted person will never be able to know that you are monitoring his actions. Cocospy is not only email spyware, but a complete solution for all your tracking needs.

This lightweight app is very easy to install and you need only a few moments to deploy it on the targeted phone. The software is exclusively designed for guardians and bosses to support them and keep eyes on their offspring and staff members. It lets you monitor their incoming and outgoing emails with accurate date and time stamps.

You can gain access to their inbox, outbox, spam, trash, promotional, and other types of emails effortlessly. It allows you to check web browsing history, text messages, keystrokes, instant messengers, locations, stored media, and much more.


This multi-functional surveillance application for Android can be used for tracking instant messengers, social media and dating apps, emails, calendar, photos, videos, documents, web history, keylogger, call history, locations, and much more.

With its assistance, you can keep eyes on your offspring’s and staff’s actions to know if they are indulged in misconduct. 


Minspy is also one of the most reliable and powerful monitoring tools that have millions of gratified users. This parental control software permits you to take control of your kids’ sent and received text messages secretly and remotely.

It’s a feature-rich app that operates in a stealth mode and has a user-friendly interface. It can be installed within a few minutes and can be used from any web browser. You can depend on it to see and read the contents of all the sent and received emails from your targeted user.


It is one of the best tracking apps that empower you to track location, messages, browsing history, stored media, emails, and much more. You can use it to monitor calls, instant messengers, and block inappropriate websites secretly and remotely.

By installing it on your kids’ or workers’ mobile phones, you can check if they are misusing their phones. It works well with Android and iOS mobile phones, so many people can take advantage of it.


If you are on the outlook for the best email spy software to supervise someone’s emails, then TheOneSpy is an excellent option for you. It supports you to prevent your children from becoming a victim of evil guys on the net. You can also rely on it to safeguard your company’s private data from unauthorized access.