How to Install an Android Theme

Android Theme
Android Theme

Android themes are often discussed when these green robot cellphone users gather. This theme is interesting because it shows the personality of the phone owner. Especially if the cellphone used by the brand and type is the same, of course, this will be an obligation to distinguish what themes are installed on the cellphone.

The best android themes are usually different from each person. Some feel that cool themes such as games, anime, sports, minimalism, even superheroes are the coolest themes to be installed on an android phone. It’s just certain, changing the default theme with another theme to change the feel of the cellphone so that it isn’t monotonous.

Android phones actually already have a theme or a default launcher from the factory, but because of the need to be different from others, changing themes or launchers has become an exciting activity.

The Naruto android theme is one of the most sought after and used on cellphones besides cute moving themes, windows 10 style themes and themes with moving wallpapers. And luckily for Android cellphone users, the Play Store provides many free themes that you can sort and choose to suit your personality.

But before I share which Android themes are cool to install on a cellphone, you need to know first how to install them.

How to Change Android Themes

Changing themes on Android can be done at will, just find the right time to choose the theme to be used. Feel free to change the background colour, background image, icon, lock screen and widget later. To be able to change a theme like this, you need launcher help. And again, this launcher has lots of choices on the Play Store. Let’s just say that now you are going to use C Launcher 3D.

What you have to do first is to download and install C Launcher 3D, the method is quite simple by clicking the download icon for C Launcher 3D which I have provided the link below.

After the installation process is complete, now return to the home screen.

Open the browser you normally use. Then navigate to the collection of android themes for C Launcher 3D. Choose one of the themes that you like from the existing theme collection, then download it to save on your cellphone.

After the selected theme has finished downloading, install the chosen theme.

Open the C Launcher 3D application.

Then select the Local button in the lower right corner, then navigate to the theme to be installed.

Now ready to use.

Download Cool Android Themes

Naruto theme

Naruto is one of the famous characters in Japanese anime. These characters are hilarious, hyperactive, cheerful, and ambitious. As a ninja, Naruto wanted to become a Hokage as the leader and strongest ninja in his village.

choosing Naruto as a theme on an Android phone is usually because of the love for this one character. So naturally, the Naruto theme is one of the android themes that have the most fans. To get this theme and install it using C Launcher 3D, please just download it at this link.

Samsung Galaxy S10 theme

The Galaxy S10 is the latest cellphone that Samsung relies on to be the best selling cellphone. This cellphone even though the price is premium is also supported by the latest hardware specifications and sophisticated features. So it’s understandable if the Samsung Galaxy S10 android theme is worth a try.

What’s so much fun about downloading the Samsung Galaxy S10 theme? It turns out that this Android theme also features Lavender S10 keyboard themes, wallpaper themes for Galaxy S8 and Note 8. It is also equipped with AI technology for the keyboard so you can type messages faster and avoid mistakes. typos or misspellings. Quite interesting right? if interested please download from this link.

Quran Android theme

The holy month of Ramadan is getting closer, there’s nothing wrong with welcoming that month by changing the theme of your Android phone to the theme of the Koran. This theme is cool because it provides a high-resolution wallpaper and water drops themed icons.

This cool theme is claimed to run lightly, smoothly without changing the performance of the cellphone a lot, especially at the same time, you will get the perfect experience with it. Very cool right ?, let’s try the Qur’anic theme for your Android phone by downloading it via this link.

One Piece Android theme

One Piece is one of the famous anime that has many fans besides Naruto. With an interesting story and long episodes, One Piece has a place in the hearts of anime fans in India and the world.

So it will be even cooler if your favourite anime appears on your cellphone replacing your current Android theme. The one-piece theme on Android will display these anime characters alternately which will make you always get a fresh and not monotonous look. If you are interested in trying it, please just download the one-piece android theme link via this link.

Pokemon Go theme

Do you know the Pokemon anime with the central character, Pikachu ? a character dominated by cute and cute yellow. Now the game has appeared on Android. This very interesting game with the concept of artificial reality has millions of users around the world.

So it will be very suitable if your android phone theme also uses the Pokemon Go theme. This theme offers everything new. You also do customization that goes beyond your imagination with this android theme. Apart from that, the Pokemon Go theme offers dozens of icons and wallpapers with moving images, 3D and dynamic images that can reflect your personality. And the cool thing is, everything is free. To try the Pokemon Go theme on your Android phone, please just download it immediately via the following link.

Secret Hacker theme

This Android theme is suitable for those of you who like hacking activities. Hacking in a positive sense, of course, is like hacking an android cellphone so that the cellphone can be installed with a custom ROM or custom kernel which aims to improve cellphone performance. Or also hacking the computer by overclocking the CPU

Now in this hacker theme, you will get cool icons, a variety of wallpapers, both static, dynamic and moving images. It is also claimed that it will not decrease the performance of the phone when using this theme. But you won’t know all that if you haven’t tried it, please download from this link to try it directly on your Android phone.

Hello Kitty theme

Showing an android phone with a cute, cute and adorable look is sometimes an obsession in itself. This is done so that the cellphone is not monotonous and always displays fresh things as an encouragement to carry out daily activities. Now usually for women, the android hello kitty theme is an option to install.

The hello kitty theme offers various cute icons, moving wallpaper images, dynamic and static. With the dominance of pink, making this theme really worth trying to replace the default theme that is usually still standard. But remember, it is better if the hello kitty theme is used by women, for men, it’s better to avoid it and replace it with other macho themes such as the hacker theme, Naruto theme, or sports theme. Interested in trying the hello kitty theme? Please just download it from the following link.

Spider-Man theme

From several opportunities to chat with friends about favourite Android themes, it turns out that the Spider-Man theme is on their list. This superhero character made by Marvel has its own characteristics, namely a spider web, still young, has a beautiful girl even though her personal life background is less than happy. But in the spider man theme, you will get a cheerful look with eye-catching red domination.

This theme offers an icon on a spider web background, so every icon is caught by spiderman. There are quite a lot of wallpaper images and come in various versions such as static images, 3D wallpapers, and moving images that will make this theme not monotonous. If you are interested in trying it, please directly refer to this download link.

Barcelona Android theme

Sports themes for android phones are widely available on the internet, but the android ball theme especially the Barcelona club you seem to have to try. Yup, this theme is for the fans of Barca, a Spanish club located in the Catalan area and always fostering resistance movements through sports because they have different cultures, languages ​​and traditions from those in Madrid.

The Barcelona theme is quite small, which is 2.5MB and is claimed to be the best ball android theme because it has a charming appearance with attractive icons and the FC Barcelona logo background, making this ball theme worthy of being installed on your android phone. If interested, just download it from this link.

Unicorn theme

It turns out that there are quite a lot of girly android themes available, besides the hello kitty theme there is also a Unicorn theme that is worth a try. This theme also uses pink as an impression that this theme is indeed for teenage girls, although it is not forbidden for adult women who still want to appear with their youthful spirit.

This unicorn theme is called Galaxy Cute Unicorn which you can use to redesign the look of the default phone theme to better suit your style and personality. This is possible because the unicorn theme brings many elements including a cool button shape, an all-pink wallpaper, a selection of glitter fonts and a bling effect. All of which can make your Android phone look more luxurious and shiny. Interested in using it? please just download it from here to enjoy it immediately.

City Racing theme

Like everything that smells of cars, races and city sets? This theme seems suitable for you to use on an Android phone. The appearance of this theme is cool because it has macho icons that play to emphasize the fierce impression of the car being used.

This theme with the concept of the automotive world is slightly larger than the other theme files, which is around 7MB. But don’t worry, because this theme also includes wallpaper images that are no less cool. Wallpaper images are static, 3D and moving images that will make your cellphone look richer and not monotonous. Can’t wait to change the default android phone theme with the City racing theme? Please download the file directly via this link.

Cool themes for Android phones are not only the ones I chose above, there are still many other themes that you can choose from. Cute themes, 3D themes, 4D themes and many other themes are now easy to find on the internet and most of the themes are free.

That’s the trick on how to change the Android theme and a selection of cool themes that you can try directly on your cellphone. Hopefully, this is useful for making your cellphone look cool and not monotonous.

To change the theme on an Android phone is quite easy to do, the first thing to do is install the preferred launcher application. After this application is installed, then proceed with installing the desired theme. Don’t forget, not all themes are compatible with the launcher, so always try to download the theme in the existing launcher or download it directly from the launcher’s official website.