5 Brilliant Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas


To get more clients on your auto repair shop door (and to keep them returning), you need identifiable Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas that can assist you with developing your business. Your advertising efforts ought to be not difficult to judge, so you understand what’s working and what’s not. While conventional promotions like printing an auto repair flyer & pamphlets and distributing them in neighboring areas may open your business to some new clients, but their visibility is harder to follow. Digital advertising empowers you to see:

  • Where Customers are coming from
  • What Customers are tapping on
  • What sort of content your objective clients appreciate the most

Here are a few online marketing strategies for your auto repair shop you can use to increase business, just as some print and actual promoting thoughts you should think about.

5 Top Auto Repair Shop Marketing & Promotion Ideas To Boost Your Business

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local businesses should utilize and improve their local (SEO) best practices to get noticed by web searchers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

-Investigating well-known keywords that identify with your business, and afterward, utilize those normally all through your site content.

-Adding those keywords to different sites your business has a presence on, like on social media pages and reviews sites your business listed on

-Make relevant categories and add pages of your different offerings in relatable categories.

Social Media Presence

You must have an account on every social media account. Creating an account and publishing post related to your services increases your chance of getting visible on an online platform, and it helps to get more new customers to your auto repair shop.

Social Media Presence

Create a video of your service and your client positive review & feedback and post it on youtube. Share the video link on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to gain more views.

Set Up Account On Local Review Sites

One of the key marketing tactics for auto repair shops should be to set up a business account on local review pages. Before making a buying decision, the Pew Research Center found that half of the adults aged 40 and lower visit review sites regularly. Ensure that your enterprise has accounts on the following sites:

-Google Local Search, related to the listing of your company on Google

-Yelp, a review site that averages more than 75 million new mobile web visitors.

-The online edition of the traditional business directory book, Yellowpages.com,-Reinforce your marketing leverage on local review pages.

Leverage Referral Program

Allow your satisfied customers do the advertising for you if you want to create trust in your company. Nielsen, a research company reveals that 83 percent of individuals around the world trust friends and family suggestions. It is the most trusted medium of advertisement.

Whenever a new customer claims they have been referred by that client, you can even give a customer a discount voucher. Promote your customer referral program on your social media handles too.

Traditional Marketing Method

Send mailers or postcards to residences around the shop with a discount voucher attached to them.

Print anauto repair flyer and ask shop owners close to you if they would be happy to share one with their customers.

Traditional Marketing Method

Leave your business card on cars parked near your shop. Use photoADking to design your flyer and business cards, or even you can use their ready-to-use flyers templates; for example car wash flyers template.

Develop branded swag, like markers, with your company logo on it, and give them away at a local event.


Running an auto repair shop invites new challenges every day; attracting customers and retaining them is a challenging task as well. To ease your effort, we have listed down a few marketing strategies to apply in your business. I hope you find this information helpful.

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