5 Frequently Asked Question About Virtual Phone System- Answered

5 Frequently Asked Question About Virtual Phone System- Answered

Virtual phone systems are not as complicated as the name is –VoIP. VoIP simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Virtual Phone systems enable you to make and receive calls just like your ordinary phone but it uses the internet instead of the cable wires. VoIP isn’t some complex hardware it is just like an ordinary phone with extraordinary features.

What happens if my internet goes down?

A failover of the system is extremely unlikely to occur even when the internet connection is lost. The virtual phone systems are built on such mechanisms that do not completely rely on the internet connection. You can root the calls to an alternative number and hence there will be no disruption to your service.

Does the virtual phone system work on old handsets?

Yes, many of the handsets are compatible with the VoIP solution. However, it also depends on the make and model of the handset. It is recommended by IP providers to purchase a new IP handset if you can. A new handset will guarantee to work with the virtual system. Some of the service providers like ringcentral vs MightyCall and other companies also offer free handsets so that the customers do not have to spend extra money on hardware costs.

Do I need a faster internet connection to operate my virtual phone system?

If your internet speeds can run Facebook and Netflix, it can also handle the virtual phone system. If you require high voice quality, you need a stronger connection. VoIP providers also give some specific recommendations about what internet speed is needed for the service to operate. The requirement of the bandwidth also depends on the processing technology. So, even a basic broadband connection will be fast enough for a virtual phone system.

Can I keep my old number?

Of course, you can. Even if you migrate to the virtual phone systems, you do not have to replace your current phone number. You can start with an active phone using any carrier. If you are among the cost-conscious business owners, this might be the best solution for you. You can keep your old number by porting the network to it. All you need to have put a request called as Porting Authorisation Code from your old provider and then provide the code to your new provider. The switch will be performed by them and you can relax.

How much time is required to install the VoIP system?

The installation of a virtual phone system will hardly take 15 minutes. Moreover, you do not even need an It guy to do the job for you. The installation process is pretty simple and can be done by you. The first step is to choose the equipment, select the extensions, decide a greeting ad you are all set to make and receive the calls.

These are the basic questions that flash through the minds of every individual who thinks of installing a VoIP system. We hope that all your queries have been solved.